Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Call for the Paedophile's to be exposed.....


Justice Bellews could expose all this and more by the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen in the old Abe Saffron Offices.

Involving Judges, Police, Politicians, Priests, Entertainment industry, legal profession, academics, prominent Public Servants and Business men, even teachers.
What evidence do we have of a cover-up?
1.Senator Bill Heffernan's list of VIP Paedophile's uncovered by the Woods Royal Commission. The list of pedophiles he says includes senior judges and lawyers, as well as a former prime minister. Heffernan said the list formed part of police documents that had been "signed off" by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW's Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s.
4/2/2016: Bill Heffernan has renewed his call for a national investigation of the judiciary, alleging cover-ups of pedophilic judges.
Bill describing this list in parliament;
...To give an idea of the intensity of this: the first person on the list [of alleged paedophiles] is a former Prime Minister; the second person is a political party heavyweight; the next person is a very senior business person; the next person is a senior judge; the next person is a Supreme Court master; the next person is Justice Yeldham, who, sadly, has passed away. He should not have suicided. Everyone knew what he was up to.
The next guy on the list is a local court magistrate; the next guy is a former president of the Law Society; the next one is John Marsden, who has passed away; the next one is a judge, the guy who used to go to Marcellin College; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a barrister; the next guy is a QC; the next guy is a senior partner of a law firm; the next guy is a senior solicitor of a law firm; the next guy is a barrister's clerk—and so it goes on.
2.The Clarence Osborne files, a list and record of the 2,500 children he abused. Osborne's lists also record the names of the other prominent Paedophile's. Osborne ran the Australian branch of PIE (paedophile information exchange) This group has been connected to a large International paedophile ring.
According to officers who viewed the Osborne material at the time, the names on the index cards, so dutifully recorded by Osborne, were not only those of the boys he had seduced, but adults – members of the judiciary, the legal profession, politicians, academics, and even police officers – with sexual interests in children.
3.The Mullighan Inquiry. SA.
Suppression order of 80 years on the findings.
We cannot see the names of pedophiles named in the Mulligan Commission, suppressed for 80 years. Those named as pedophiles are no doubt politicians from all parties, appointed members of the Judiciary, prominent Public Servants.
4. The many many victim statements
5. Police and Government at the highest level covering up the abuse, for example our Police Commissioner and Governor General.
RE Police Commissioner;
Former chief commissioner Mick Miller told the current Royal commission hearing his immediate predecessor, Reg Jackson, was the key player in the police cover-up of the abuse.
RE Governor General;
In 2003 Peter Hollingworth, the former Australian Governor-General, was forced to resign from that high office for not being dutiful and diligent in respect to his actions towards dealing with pedophile Anglican priests, and by inference towards the victims, when he was an Australian Anglican Bishop and Archbishop, prior to being Australian Governor-General.
RE Police; Our police force is described many times in the Royal Commission into child abuse as a Catholic Mafia enabling paedophile's.
6. Other Politicians speaking out;
In 1996 politician Franca Arena and Deirdre Grusovin were keen that the Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service should investigate child abuse allegedly carried out by judges and lawyers.
as possible child abusers.
Franca used parliamentary privilege to say NSW premier BOB CARR, Opposition Leader PETER COLLINS and Royal Commissioner JAMES WOOD...of protecting paedophiles..
7. The proven systematic child abuse by priests and clergy.
There is so much more that has been hidden buried and lost by our investigating Police and others.
Why is this all kept hidden and who is it protecting?
Derryn Hinch has been trying to point us to this problem for years. He has had to break court suppression orders so the public can know the truth. He has been jailed a few times for trying to highlight these issues.
Our Judges that Derryn Hinch talks about, the ones who give paedophile's lenient sentences have their own sinister motives. All cloaked under suppression orders of silence to protect the perpetrators.
It leads to a much bigger story of a VIP coverup.
By making our Royal commission into child abuse only deal with institutional abuse, the bigger fish slip though the net.
They are basically throwing the priests under the bus in hope we don't see the bigger picture.
The international VIP paedophile does indeed operate in Australia.
Exposing Australian Rockspiders.

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