Tuesday, 19 April 2016

High Frequency Radio Waves to treat cancer

In 1934 16 terminal cancer patient's were brought to Royal Raymond Rife in San Diego for a cancer trial using HIGH FREQUENCY RADIO WAVES to treat the 16.
They were brought by a U.S.C. medical school team of researcher's. Rife cured ALL 16. When Rife refused to sell the treatment, AMA presidant Morris Fishbein ruin Rife and eliminated his work and treatment.
In 2009 the Kanzius Machine was introduced as a non toxic cancer treatment using HIGH FREQUENCY RADIO WAVES and 4 prototypes were handed over to 4 cancer hospital's for trial's. Human trial's are beginning now.
Thanks to AMA Presidant Morris Fishbein every person subjected to RADIATION since 1934 for cancer was done so NEEDLESSLY. High frequency radio waves have NO lingering effects!

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