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Putting on Notice Kate Barnet Bentleys

Dear Sir/Madam,
Putting on NOTICE, when the skull of Juanita Nielsen is retrieved from 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross I will requesting compensation for pain and suffering Jennifer Weatherstone and others where they have been extorted or defrauded through this gang for money to further protect the hiding spot of Juanita Nielsen’s skull.

Upon the exposing of the skulls to the world I call for the Royal Commission to fully make sure all the alleged names within the books within the premises named by Sam Makras are fully exposed to the criminal charges being laid to the evidence already collected by this outlaw.
I heard a whisper about the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen which I did ask through the Federal Court and through NSW Parliament to have occurred to expose allegedly an outlaw gang which I believe collects skulls known as a number 22.  Reflection to skulls is 22 parts to a skull.
Co-incidence to 22, Roger Rogerson was known to hang out the back of 22 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross it happened for a reason.  Juanita Nielsen was investigating.
Ex-Police Assistant Commissioner Clive Small said the Aunty on Darlinghurst Road in the Columbian Supply to the cocaine the link
What was Roger Rogerson’s first murder to protect this gang?  Who else was protected by the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen? 
The drug controller?
Kings Cross I allege is Chapter 2 in the Club 22 where these premises of 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross was a interlinking part to the history of Kings Cross back in time to Rick and Polly Anna Roberts aka Madonna’s Brothel the largest heroin bust in 2009 by Strike Force Constance where $1million dollars was found within the wall within Lounge Room aka Room B which was removed by Police.
The subfloor area of the raised floor allegedly was never checked by the Police at that time which allowed this gang to continue and to rise again.
2006 Abe Saffron died co-incidence to J&B Trust taking the premises under D&S Australia Pty Ltd where Jenny Bae Byun Sole Director.
Abe Saffron linked to utilising the offices above the ANZ Bank where these offices linked in 1958 to the original “Infamous” Pink Pussycat Club. 
To the alleged big boys ANZ Bank position was then Union Bank which is a co-incidence to the position of the Lindt Café siege.
2003 Glen McNamara reported to Parliament NSW on the Pink Triangle gang. Co-incidence to the Pink in the Pink Pussycat Club and the reference to Infamous means Notorious as in history this gang linked to the Nomads aka Notorious Scorpions.  Scorpion is the mark for the cocaine which allegedly J&B Trust controls through a system exposed to the authorities.
1985 Bill Bayeh and Lenny MacPherson terrorised the brothel then known as Madame Butterfly which never opened documented within the Wood’s Royal Commission.
1940’s Premises linked in history to Madam Tilley Devine and relating to the movements of planets relating to a movement of 60 years full cycle linked between Abe Saffron and John Ibrahim links to Kings Cross.
J&B Trust is only found when you relate D&S Australia Pty Ltd to the ABN number and this link was omitted within the Lease and court documents of D&S Australia Pty Ltd working as a trading company for J&B Trust.
Juanita Nielsen disappeared from Roslyn Street Kings Cross at 5 to 12pm on the 4th July 1975. The Police file was opened in 2011 and re-opened in 2016 when we found the real name and facebook contacts of Sam Makras known to me as Greek Sam aka Sammy Sweet.
July 2013 the Associate of Judge A Garling asked me to get a Strike Force into the courts to expose what happened behind the scenes which I wasn’t at liberty of and I reported what happened to the Strike Force.
I sent information to Henry Davis York Solicitors where this outlaw gang allegedly will link through several layers of secret clubs that will link to rituals and on one layer of this outlaw gang will link to ritual murders and the collection of human skulls by this gang in the subfloor compartment.
I allege if Jenny Bae Byun or her affiliates like Edward Song, Jeffrey Onishi, Ben Noonan, and now Kate Barnet where the evidence I had on Juanita Nielsen I sent for her to be aware of the Police investigation and the urgency for the Police search warrant for the premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
Ben Noonan told Registrar Howard “it is not my clients concern what Abe Saffron left behind”.  Most people would look I believe if they thought there was a chance of a skull however they just dismissed the information time and time again even the possibility the Police could be fully aware what’s within the premises when they photographed the area and possibly allegedly just waiting and watching for a reason.
This search warrant should happen before any money is paid as where the associate of Judge A Garling requested the Police Strike Force.  Sam Makras told me by threatening to murder me about a book within the subfloor compartment with names within and these names will only be exposed upon this Police search warrant. 
Sam Makras introduced himself to me in July 2011 as being sent to the premises by John Ibrahim and Frank Amante to fix the problem.  I was the problem, I opened the door of the premises thus allowing I believe the timber stairs vunerable to the Police and other thugs coming into the brothel and taking.  Yet we were their for the Museum and to expose the drug network to the world.
The drug network was seen when we came to Kings Cross as the thugs would come into the premises and on the 1st April 2011 by Sex worker Michelle aka Deirdre Palmerston (who I thought this was the surname) to Deirdre Grace to pay $100000 to John Ibrahim to open the premises.
I wrote to John Ibrahim, Chelsea his girlfriend at the time, Peter Schaffer who stood over me in the brothel.  My facebook was pulled down by others which I believe protected these people who wanted the brothel to stay shut.
I found it was so dangerous in these premises to a level I know I thought I’d die and others ran all for the reason I believe for what this gang holds within the subfloor stronghold.
Detective Amanda Dench July 2013 told court a Strike Force had photographed the brothel for the subfloor compartment.  Thus allegedly many Police have told me they will come back to the brothel and move the evidence, so we have waited as I request time and time for the Police search warrant to expose this gang.
In July 2015 Detective Aaron Phillips in charge of Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara where he told me the Police were watching the premises and they were still needing the research to occur to gather the evidence which I have been doing.
We have Roger Rogerson’s sentencing occurring on Friday 2nd September 2016.
We have the report in Sunday Telegraph 28th August 2016 Jeffrey Onishi told the Newspaper the brothel has been shut for 2 years which is a co-incidence to timing of William Tyrrell disappearance.  Jeffrey Onishi was questioned on the subfloor compartment and position within the premises. 
Under the Bankruptcy act the Federal Court can be asked about the Police search warrant as to a savings to costs.
When Bentley’s by my notes should have already asked for the Police search warrant to expose if any injustice had occurred.
Yet we have the understanding that a case built on co-incidence Justice Bellew has declared in Rogerson and McNamara’s case as an inference to evidence.
I hope Kate Barnet of Bentley’s to ask for the Police search warrant as the amount and costs they are claiming would then be further exposed within the Police investigation for Juanita Nielsen as the Police could have opened this subfloor compartment back in 2012 when the brothel was photographed, it was video taped on different search warrants during 2011.  2012 the Strike Force was formed for the search of Juanita Nielsen and exposing this alleged hidden control of the drug network today.
The Police at times have told me no one pay any money.
We now wait for the Police search warrant to expose the skull of Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay I believe will be found in this subfloor with the timing of the last opening of the premises by Jeffrey Onishi of Laing and Simmons Real Estate to a co-incidence to the disappearance of William Tyrrell from 12th September 2014.
On the 31st August 2016 I left a message and expressed the need for Kate Barnet from Bentley’s to ask for the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen noting that the police have the ability to be taping the phone call if they see fit.
We will gain the Police search warrant in time, so who will be repaying all costs and compensation to our family when the skull of Juanita Nielsen is exposed to the world.
I am not giving up; I believe we can expose them as this has been research for the Police to bring down the big boys.

Jennifer Weatherstone

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