Friday, 16 September 2016

No DNA linking to Madeline McCann?

No DNA belonging to Maddie was ever found in the holiday apartment in Portugal. She'd supposedly spent five days their on holiday but nothing was found, she didn't even have her own toothbrush [we are told she shared one with her siblings] we were told she didn't have a hairbrush [again we are told she shared one with the twins}, the clothes she wore that day, her toys? There were no toys visible on the police photos, nothing ,nil, zilch .
Yet a CADAVER dog alerted to the SCENT OF DEATH behind the sofa and Keela who alerts only to HUMAN BLOOD marked the SAME SPOT as Eddie the cadaver dog. It was later found that the sofa had been moved to cover where both dogs alerted.
The blood spatter on the area behind the sofa is commensurate with a resuscitation having been carried out .

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