Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day I submitted Suspicious Minds research to Federal Police.

I put my findings into the Federal Police in Australia.  I have linked the alleged John F. Kennedy assassination with allegedly a criminal gang from around the world.  I have shown within many of my emails regarding this criminal gang to the Police in NSW a system they utilise to cause confusion at the scene of the crime.

Many of you I agree with.  We have to I will allege look at who gained the most.  I then at the end have listed these people to my knowledge.  Allegedly Richard Nixon, Ruth Paine her father, Michael Paine his step father with Bell Helicopters and then you look for people who have died of old age within this gang who were around Dealey Plaza and never mentioned within the reports at all.  This person came into my research early on as I started to expose this gang from 2009.  Allegedly Maurice Bernard Houghton who came to Australia Kings Cross.  In both Dallas and Kings Cross he ran the B & B Restaurant Dallas, and Beef and Bourbon Kings Cross however he was involved with the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia and the alleged money laundrying which occurred.
The number one business product which escalated after the assassination of JFK is the alleged drug network I will allege is the winner who earnt the most by the Vietnam War and is still churning away in Kings Cross night and day and many other places around the  world.  Really to stop the assassinations of leaders, even the 9/11 tragedy we have to consider the power this gang has with the alleged drugs and money they get through vice, extortion, fraud and the gun trafficking around the world.  This by my research links to the Nigeria Scams working out of Florida Spring Hill I noted to the Police back in July 2012 and still happening today with the connections through allegedly Western Union Bank to Nigeria and other positions.

I do hope, the Australian Government take me seriously thou my work is a novel, if I utilised without the understanding of the Occult it would be hard to unravel this twisted game this gang plays is allegedly murder.

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