Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Skull and CrossBones EXPOSED

Many people were linking now that the evidence of catholic was co-incidence?  I started to think it was strong what I had exposed.  Even thou it was just the alleged thugs that were draining my life of energy.  I had to keep going exposing the hidden evidence.
Catholics believed in Jesus Christ.  Was this the connection with the Hooked Map X that I was seeing the relationship too.  If the Devil, the power of the Devil of the Beast had the bones or even the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ was this the relationship why the Catholic connection was so strong?
The alleged secret society?  Chapter 322, Chapter 222 Kings Cross?
"The Essenes were a Jewish sect representing an esoteric aspect of Judaism, or Jewish mysticism. The Jewish mystics studied the Kabbalah, which taught belief in reincarnation, astrology, channeling, prophecy, soul travel, psychic development, and angels, and which organized itself around the Tree of Life."
"...Jews in Alexandria, Egypt, began translating the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek (the Septuagint) hundreds of years before Christ.
In October 1617, in Magdeburg, Germany, a meeting was held at which it was formally agreed that the brotherhood of the Rose Croix must maintain the strictest secrecy for a hundred years.
It renewed its oath to destroy the church of Jesus Christ and decreed that in the year 1717 it would transform the fraternity into an association which would carry on a more overt campaign while remaining within the bounds of prudence.
Is this the connection In England, Robert Fludd, a well known physician of the time, published in 1617 a treatise in explanation of the Rose Croix. He was greatly helped in the foundation of the order in England by Francis Bacon, the writer and philosopher. 
This was a link to Sir Francis Bacon  I have found  before within The Kings Cross Sting Bible Series.
One of those present at the Magdeburg meeting had been an English architect named Nicholas Stone. His interests in the black arts made him a valued and active member of the sect and he composed rituals for the nine grades of the fraternity.
Some how we have some of the links to Germany, where they took the oath to destroy the church of Jesus Christ.
Was the connection with  Catholics?  We are talking an assassination of a Catholic President?
1860 subdivision to match Hooked X Map.
Skull and Bones, Skull and Crossbones Chapter 222?
Back to the evidence I go. 
Jack Ruby, for John F Kennedy managed the Carousel Club in Dallas.
John Anderson, for Juanita Nielsen managed the Carousel Club in Kings Cross.
I went back to the research of 322 for the number on the Skull and Bones, then I thought about the number plate of Abe Saffron 222, so the common number was the last two digits of 22.  I looked up Lodge 22, there was a hidden meaning I felt as to the connections that this alleged occult gang had tried to reassemble the Mason’s structure for business as this drug network works like a business.
Motive, Oswald had no motive, it was the motive behind that would have to be huge.  Like the dollar and pounds for Prime Minister Harold Holt we are looking not just for the proof we are looking for the reason behind.  President Kennedy was going to withdraw troops from Vietnam was this the connection?
Head of a country? America, Australia ?  AA like the Order aa?

Our drug network flourishes when we have war.  This is the necessity I have seen as the drugs are the winner and it didn’t matter which way I looked upon it.  Oswald wasn’t utilising drugs?  No one had mentioned this.

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