Sunday, 12 January 2014

Judge A Garling, the Paisley snail

It was on 26 August 1928 that Mrs May Donoghue drank ginger beer from a tumbler which, it was claimed, contained the remains of a decomposed snail. To mark the occasion of the 84th anniversary of this momentous event in the history of the common law, His Honour Judge A Garling will be the guest of honour and speak on the night. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Common Law Bar to farewell Judge Garling upon his retirement from the District Court.

Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100 is a foundational case in Scots delict law and English tort law by the House of Lords. It created the modern concept of negligence, by setting out general principles whereby one person would owe another person aduty of care.
Also known as the "Paisley snail"[5][6] or "snail in the bottle" case, the facts involved Mrs Donoghue drinking a bottle of ginger beer in a cafĂ© in PaisleyRenfrewshire. A dead snail was in the bottle. She fell ill, and she sued the ginger beer manufacturer, Mr Stevenson. The House of Lords held that the manufacturer owed a duty of care to her, which was breached, because it was reasonably foreseeable that failure to ensure the product's safety would lead to harm of consumers.

Interesting Judge A Garling celebrating Paisley snail.

As within the gang they put a pearl crushed into Red wine to drink by the Golden Scorpion...
I lost my pearl necklace, it was taken whilst I was wearing it.....
The fingerprints of the man  in Room D and Room F would have shown their positions within alleged Hells Angels associates.
Judge Garling said I was strange, well when someone threatens your life time and time again.  The Police do nothing about it and tell the Judge this doesn't he listen.

Well I am asking the Government to terminate his engagement as a Judge of the Courts.

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