Sunday, 15 February 2015

Juanita Nielsen is awaiting the Police search. Police are looking for directions.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione was left a letter as Juanita guided me, we went together to Kogarah Police station.

Police search is currently being written, yet what will the Police find as the novels come to the end is the tarot cards right for the ending as we all see it?

The map, x marks the spot.

Scorpion Gang

The plan.  In 2012 Police Strike Force took photos as documented by Detective Amanda Dench under oath Police case Judge A Garling where his assistant asked for the Strike Force to be brought into the courts as to why Juanita Nielsen's Police search warrant as we are still awaiting the physical search.

As Dave said, without the search, the Police won't catch the gang leaders?  This is someone who has watched the brothel be shut for more time than it's been open in it's life.

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