Friday, 13 February 2015

Lee Harvey Oswald didn't shoot JFK Here is some proof.

As for Ed's SBT it's squash! Interesting information!
The FBI failed to determine whether accident or intent contaminated evidence against Oswald.
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory found barium and antimony on both surfaces of the paraffin casts made from Oswald's right cheek and both hands. They correctly concluded that the barium and antimony found on the outer surfaces of the casts that were not in contact with Oswald's skin came from external sources.
Their findings of greater amounts of barium on the outer surfaces than the inner surfaces and nearly equal amounts of antimony on both sides of the casts were evidence that the barium and antimony on all the casts came from a common source.
Furthermore the amounts of barium and antimony were consistent with firing a weapon and greater than expected by accidental contamination. These findings of incriminating evidence in the wrong place should have prompted a thorough and scientific investigation.
Although common items contain barium and antimony compounds, these chemicals belong to unique mixtures that distinguish one contaminant from another. By identifying all the contaminants, the W.C. could have shown feasibility of contamination by accident.
On the other hand, analysis of the contaminants had risks. For example finding reagent-grade barium and antimony would have proved Oswald tested positive for planted evidence.
The virgin negative reading on his cheek exonerates Oswald from firing any Carcano, which FBI agent Turner proved could not be fired without depositing heavy nitrate residue on the test-firer's cheek.
The same liars who corrupted the evidence said C2766 could be fired without making any residue. These are the same people who brought you the magic bullet, Bethesda autopsy, brain evidence etc.
Of course, the best way to prove this is take C2766 out of evidence and see if it can be fired without making any residue.
The reason Turner did his set of tests is exactly because he smelled a rat with the FBI's testing of C2766.
Only in America would the criminals who did the cover-up be allowed to control public desire to test the evidence.
Case closed!
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