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The Almighty is rising when their is an injustice.

Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General

to me
Dear Ms Weatherstone

I refer to your emails to the Governor-General.  His Excellency has asked me to reply to you on his behalf and I apologise for the delay in doing so.

I regret to advise that the Governor-General cannot become involved in the matters you have raised.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Murtagh
Deputy Official Secretary to the Governor-General

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Sent: Wednesday, 24 September 2014 11:08 AM
To: Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General
Subject: Corruption in NSW Politicians, and Police to the alleged Muhammad d rug runners [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Your Full Name: Jennifer Weatherstone
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Correspondence for: The Governor-General
Subject: Corruption in NSW Politicians, and Police to the alleged Muhammad drug runners
Since 2011 I have asked for a Police Search warrant for Juanita Nielsen.
What I have hit is the largest alleged stop to the investigation from having Detective Amanda Dench explaining under oath she stopped all investigation.
   I have sent many email with the links to a dangerous gang where the owner of the drugs coming in to the country have linked to the Scorpion dating back to the Golden Dawn era of the Golden Scorpion by Aleister Crowley.  Please, the links to the corruption in NSW has been documented now in ICAC however how the Police system works they are only the Goverancy of the Governor.  Please ask for the Police search warrant, then when the evidence is exposed please sack the government.  All my answers from Departments are the Police have to search and because Kings Cross police time and time again have stopped the investigation I have been terrorised, threatened to be murdered as Peter Schaffer tells others from prison he is counting down the days to murder me.
I have exposed to the banks who want to take my house because this extortion and fraud have left me penniless.  The Financial Ombudsman said it was an outlaw gang, just Kings Cross Police have told me that they turn a blind eye to Kings Cross.
We had the Wood's Royal Commission where millions was spent yet they didnt search the premises.  In 2009 a Police Strike force didn't search 3 area's within these same premises.  As Sammy Sweet told me when the Police really search the premises they will have evidence that will make the front page of the newspapers around the world.  Please ask for the Police search warrant.
Juanita Nielsen was a good person.

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