Saturday, 30 November 2013

Alpha 66 and The Scorpion 66 the connections with the JFK Assassination

Alpha 66 and The Scorpion Play 66.
The parts of the murder of JFK link to the patterns highlighted within Aleister Crowley works.
The blue car for LBJ  Thelemites relationship
MCJ, Mercy Jesus,  shooters will MC, Malcolm Wallace, Chauncey Holt for J for JFK where this gang became the judge and jury.
Mandarin,  Roscoe White sniper
Gold for Saul sniper
Jack Ruby the Magician where he gathered the people to do the alleged deed
Devils fork, for Elm Street where it was the right hand path for the JFK assassination.

Relationship to Tippit for the X, Hooked X map of the King of the Scorpions Tenth and Paton Street murder for the link of the power to 10 for the mathematical problem they have left the signature behind showing to the world the power of the gang where they can not get caught for the crime.

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