Saturday, 16 November 2013

Head wound evidence variations from John F Kennedy assassination

Was the body of President John F. Kennedy swapped?

We have to look at the head wounds, how come so many variances to the wounds and positions.  Some of the evidence is done by Doctors that examined the body of John F. Kennedy.

There was time, for the body to be swapped if this was to cover up and frame someone?  A Patsy?

I have just attached a few of the images I have been studying.

It was interest that J.D. Tippit looked so much like John F. Kennedy?  Was this the body was swapped?

J. D.  Tippit's Body was taken to the Parkland's Hospital after he was prounced dead at another hospital in Dallas.  Why?

We know the bullet entry was told to be at a degree of 16 degrees.  Now the 6th floor window where Oswald's gun was found was a lot higher off the ground level of the Limousine then 16 degrees?

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