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Judyth Baker about Lee Harvey Oswald.

HOMER HENDERSON SANG 'LEE HARVEY WAS A FRIOEND OF MINE' AT THE ARLINGTON CONFERENCE AND AT THE GRAVESIDE AT LEE'S MEMORIAL SERVICE. HERE'S A NICE NOTE FROM HIM--AND A LONG REPLY ABOUT LEE'S INNOCENCE THAT CAN BE USED TO INTRODUCE MANY PEOPLE TO THE TRUTH ABOUT LEE! FROM HOMER: "Judyth, first of all,it was really nice to meet you,,I wish I had more time to talk with you...I wanted very much to stay and hear the speakers at your event in Arlington but I had many engagements due to the fact that I wrote a particular song ..I feel like I was treated very well in this case...I was proud to be at Lee's grave and to meet with the people there...God Bless You Judyth. your friend Homer
HERE IS MY REPLY: Dear Homer: The Lord asked us to treat others as we would like to be treated, and I knew how tired of singing that song you had to be!
But it meant a lot to me, and surely to Lee. Your song puts a human face on my Lee, a good man who served as an anti-Castro spy for our country and also served our country as a cold war spy in the USSR. I was present when he got his passport in only 24 hours, a year after returning to our country. When he was arrested, he was wearing his Marine ring. The Marines, as you know, pledge to obey the President, and Lee told me he had infiltrated the group that intended to kill JFK. He was part of an 'abort team' that was trying to save Kennedy and they had to frame him and kill him or the plot would have been exposed, a plot Lyndon Johnson knew of and approved. The films of LBJ show him ducking down in his car BEFORE the first shot is fired. He was in a bright blue car instead of a dark car, aso nobody would make a mistake, and he pretended he was afraid, buit yet he waited in Air Force One's plane to get the oath of office, then took a grin and a wink from Albert Thomas, a congressman who became his aide. He pretended he knew nothing and told FBI's Hoover that he wondered if a shot had been fired at him. But at Parkland Hospital, his first phone call while the President lay dying was to his stock broker, telling him to sell "that damned Halliburton stock" that his wife owned, because he was going to rev up the situation in Vietnam. He made millions upon millions though a 'public servant' all his life on fixed incomes.
Lee is now becoming known as a hero. It has taken time to get the truth out, but people are becoming aware, and nobody trusts or believes the media and their 'now we have proof' TV specials that every year try to 'prove' Lee killed JFK, despite witnesses such as myself who know better. I was in love with Lee-- and he with me--and he told me he'd probably die.
They retouched photos of him to make him look like he was 'smirking' and put in the papers that he was 'proud' of being a communist, when in fact a stenographer in Fort Worth came out and told the papers that he was writing an anti-communist book against communism, which he was. I attach two photos taken at the same time showing a so-called 'communist salute' which was no more than an instant of Lee showing his handcuffs to reporters who were surprised to see him handcuffed (these days, they handcuff little kids and grandma's, but back then we had a country whose people were not afraid of their own police). You will see the two photos, taken the same instant, that in one there is even a drop of white-out near his mouth, retouching paint, and that his mouth goes both up and down. The result is a 'smirk' that was retouched. The other photo was taken the same instant and shows he was not smiling at all. They framed him many other ways, too. One person who said he did not see Lee shooting Tippit got shot in the head and then agreed that he DID see Lee shooting Tippit. Another witness to the Tippit murder could not identify him until police asked her to "look again at number Two" not once, but twice. This was the same lady who stated she tried to talk to Tippit who could not speak intelligible for twenty minutes when ambulance came in five minutes and Tippit was found to have died instantly.
Lee never owned a rifle. That rifle was a mail order piece of junk, he was a Marine, and he had plenty of money to buy a rifle anywhere in Dallas. He left $160 behind for his wife (that is equal to $1300 today) and also his wedding ring (we had hoped to get married, and by leaving his ring behind, he signified that Marina was not the woman of his choice. Had he escaped alive, we would have married in Mexico.
There is a nasty website that always comes up first written by a team of people along with John McAdams, who never met me. They even stole documents off my computer and then altered them. When I tried to correct them, they claimed I was trying to change my story even though the original documents were in the hands of researchers by then. It has been a long battle to clear Lee's name, but we're winning. Everyone who reads the truth about Lee-- and it IS out there--knows that the Warren Commission is obsolete and forty-none years out of date. The lies of the media started with Dan Rather, who told the people the day after the assassination that he saw the famous Zapruder film. Well, he said he saw the President's head thrown 'violently forward' when, in fact, Jim Garrison (see the film JFK) shows the film they thought would never be released to the public, and the President's head was actually thrown violently BACKWARDS--and to the left. Kennedy was shot from the front. Yes, shots came from the back, too, but they line up from the Dal Tex building and possibly from the LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE SIXTH FLOOR. The oil-rich friend of LBJ, Harold Byrd, owned the TSBD and when he sold it, he TOOK OUT THE WINDOW FRAME ON THE SIXTH FLOOR ON THE OPPOSITE END OF THE 'SNIPER'S NEST' and kept it as a souvenir.
You have done a lot of good by singing LEE HARVEY WAS A FRIEND OF MINE and getting it on YouTube. It is helping to undo some of the evil lies that were spread about Lee, who loved animals and kids and his President. I thank you for that, and will always be grateful.

I hope you get an opportunity to read Me & Lee and I will be happy to send you an autographed copy of the book, if you would like one. God bless-- Judyth

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