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1978 Trudie Adams Missing person - Holden Panel Van

HE was too far away to call out and she wouldn't have heard him. But as Steven Norris hastily walked across a surf club carpark, he caught his last glimpse of his girlfriend Trudie Adams.
Yesterday he told an inquest into her presumed death 33 years ago he recalled the moment "clear as a bell".
It was the late 1970s and he didn't like her hitching, even though everyone did it, and often insisted on going with her if she was adamant.
That night, on June 24, 1978, Ms Adams was on the other side of Barrenjoey Rd when a "fairly new" fawn or beige-coloured Holden panel van pulled up to pick her up..
"I saw the vehicle stop beside her and so I couldn't see her any more," Mr Norris told Glebe Coroner's Court.
Then, "10 seconds later", the van was gone - and so was the attractive 18-year-old woman he loved.
Mr Norris said he walked across the road, determined to hitch a ride and, in a way, to "follow" her and check that she arrived home safely.
He admitted yesterday the couple were in the process of breaking up - so perhaps they would talk when he caught up with her at her home.
Ms Adams, he said, was comfortable with her decision to end the relationship. He, however, was not.
He got a ride within a couple of minutes but the fawn panel van had long disappeared from view. Mr Norris was dropped off in Avalon and made his way to her house, to find her mother Constance still waiting up for her daughter.
But Ms Adams had not arrived home. He went for a ride on a borrowed bicycle around the beaches but in the end presumed she had stayed with friends so was not "overly concerned".
It wasn't until the next afternoon he knew something was wrong, when Ms Adams had still not returned home.
He joined police, family and her extended group of friends in a search.
But he said that within two or three days he had a deep feeling that Ms Adams had "met with foul play" on that Saturday night after a dance at the Newport Surf Life Saving Club.
Mr Norris kept his emotion in check yesterday but admitted the disappearance and suspected murder of Ms Adams had affected him deeply.
While rumours about his possible involvement in Ms Adams' suspected murder had plagued Mr Norris for many years, he said he had always simply "turned a blind eye to it".
Mr Norris also told the hearing he knew he had nothing to hide about Ms Adams' disappearance.
And he was adamant about the car make and model because he was "pretty good at cars, I know them".

 the inquest turned its attention to Neville Tween the questions were a lot more pointed. Tween, aka John Anderson, aged 70, had been a suspect in the abduction and rapes of 14 young women on the northern beaches in the 1970s. He was called from jail, where he is serving a sentence for cocaine importation, and laughed off suggestions he had been involved. He did have a Holden panel van, of the type of vehicle that Ms Adam's then boyfriend, Steve Norris, said he saw her get into in Barrenjoey Road, that night, but so what? He had not been convicted;jsessionid=758F1447E220170BF932DAB8599E774E?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=582&clsPage=1&docID=SMH110402Q67VA7M5TEE  Interesting report.
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Trudie Adams suspect denies murdering her
A conceivable suspect in the 1978 disappearance of teen Trudie Adams has denied any involvement in her abduction, pack rape and murder, and described as "bull." evidence that he admitted committing the crime.
"I've do not ever buried just about anyone in my lifestyle," Raymond Khoury says when questioned if he had disposed of Ms Adams' body around the sand at Palm Seaside in Sydney's northern beaches.
Some other witness, discount christian louboutin shoes Garry Ireland, who may have been accused of bragging about getting concerned, advised an inquest into Ms Adams' disappearance "we do not ever informed anyone we killed her, replica christian louboutin chopped her up and fed her into the sharks".
Before on Thursday, the NSW Coroner's Court at Glebe listened to evidence that Mr Khoury informed people today at a bash in 1979 he had "picked up some sheila and most of us made an effort to . enter into her trousers and she or he would not be in it".
"She jumped out or we pushed her out, she hit her head with a pole and folks have been working to have sex with her."
The remarks have been browse through from the 1995 law enforcement statement produced by Keith Hurney,christian louboutin replica a buddy of Mr Khoury's youthful brother Emile.
But Mr Hurney, who later on denied the reality of areas of the assertion, explained he failed to are convinced what Mr Khoury was indicating with the time and thought he was joking.
In courtroom on Thursday, Mr Khoury advised the coroner "the words and phrases do not ever came outside of my mouth".
He also claimed allegations that he was linked to the "abduction, rape and killing of Trudie" were not genuine.
Mr Hurney's former girlfriend, who will only be identified as Witness A, replica christian louboutin gave proof that Mr Hurney informed her in 1983 that he was while in the van with five males after they picked Ms Adams up from outside the Avalon Disco.
Raymond Khoury, his brothers Sam and Emile, and Danny Costi and Garrian Carr ended up all named.
Ms Adams was raped and break up her head open up with a pole despite the fact that jumping from their going auto,christian louboutin replica Mr Hurney had allegedly said.
But on Thursday Mr Hurney mentioned Witness A "wanted to have me in trouble" considering they had damaged up the week prior to, and that he definitely was not present with the automobile.
The coroner was also instructed how the lads named as being linked to Ms Adams's possible murder are "suffering now" seeing that the law enforcement "frigged up with this particular case".
Deputy Point out Coroner Scott Mitchell replied by telling Mr Ireland he wasn't the main individual worried about the standard of the investigation and was for these reasons no "Robinson Crusoe".
Mr Ireland stated he had "nothing to try and do using this type of crime" and neither did his longtime mate Mr Carr.
The pair were accused of boasting on multiple instances about raping and murdering 18yearold Ms Adams.
Questioned why he instructed police in a very recorded interview that "if you ended up intending to do a murder, you wouldn't do it within your individual backyard", Mr Eire replied that he did not know.

What horrors she must have suffered. One story heard during the inquest was that while trying to hitch a ride in Barrenjoey Road, Newport, about 12.30am on June 25, 1978, she had been dragged into a Kombi van and sexually assaulted by several young men. The story went that she had dashed out her brains on a power pole as she jumped out, and had been picked up by the same men, two of whom had sexual intercourse with her body as they took her away to "Palmie", as they called Palm Beach

Palmie is an anagram of impale.  ransfix or pierce with a sharp instrument.

"his head was impaled on a pike and exhibited for all to see"

  1. impale - Dictionary Definition :

    Impale can also mean to kill by piercing with a stake or spear. Legend has it that the only way to kill a vampire is to do exactly that: impale him with a wooden stake through the heart — and then stuff his mouth with garlic and chop off his head, too, just to be sure.

  2. A police officer, Antonio De Matteo, who once as a civilian belonged to the group, told the inquest that in October 1978 he had returned from a holiday in Italy and had heard members of the group talk about the "TA thing", which was a reference to Trudie Adams. But members of the group, he said, were "always picking up words and sounds" and some of them, like Garry Carr and Garry Ireland, were prone to "act tough".;jsessionid=758F1447E220170BF932DAB8599E774E?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=582&clsPage=1&docID=SMH110402Q67VA7M5TEE

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