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Judyth Baker reports on Cancer Cells HeLa

LET'S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. A woman has posted that I knew nothing about HeLa --an 'immortal' cancer cell line--because "nobody' knew about it" until a book came out a few years ago (!!!). In other words, my claim that I worked with HeLa in 1961, she says is false. She was quickly congratulated for her 'research' ---but she's wrong, This armchair researcher is not a good source. Talk to me, if you want accuracy. See for yourself (link) that as far back as 1962, Roswell Park ordered a strain of HeLa for a particular experiment. Of course, Roswell Park would order HeLa from time to time for experiments. This happens to be one that proves it, back in 1962.. But we had prior strains of HeLa already being used in other experiments. (I myself probably created 300 cultures using HeLa.) Below is an early published article about a HeLa experiment at Roswell Park, conducted in 1961, when I was there, and published in 1962 (it used to take at least a year to get an article published)... :.:."The Effect of Terramycin on the Fine Structure of HeLa ...
The Effect of Terramycin on the Fine Structure of HeLa Cell Mitochondria* ... Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, ... 1962. ...
AND HERE --SEE WHAT HeLa CONTAMINATION DID TO THE POLIO VACCINE! "In 1974 Walter Nelson-Rees, a cell culture expert, discovered widespread contamination of cell lines with HeLa, by using a light microscope and a special Giemsa cell stain which revealed the distinctive chromosomal aberrations typical of HeLa. As a whistle-blower, he blew the lid off cancer research. Forty different human cell culture lines, used extensively in labs worldwide, were contaminated with HeLa. Millions of dollars worth of published cancer research experiments were ruined. "Liver cells" and "monkey cells" used in cancer experiments turned out to be Henrietta's cervical cancer in disguise. Benign cells, which "spontaneously transformed" into malignant cells, were retrospectively found to be cell cultures which had been inadvertently contaminated with HeLa. Even the iconic Jonas Salk, who developed the legendary Salk polio vaccine, was fooled when HeLa cells contaminated his animal cell lines. Salk used HeLa cells to grow the polio virus and he tested the vaccine on HeLa cells before its use on human in 1955. Years later, in 1978, before a stunned audience of cell biologists and vaccine makers, he spoke about experiments he performed in the late 1950s on dying cancer patients. Salk injected them with a cell line of monkey heart tissue- the same cell line he used to harvest polio virus for his famous vaccine. He hoped the monkey cell injections would stimulate the immune system to fight cancer. However, when abscesses developed at the site of injections Salk began to suspect that he might be injecting HeLa cells rather than monkey cells, and he stopped the experiment. Nelson-Rees, who also attended the 1978 conference, offered to test Salk's line if it was still available. Salk graciously agreed and the monkey cells indeed proved to be HeLa cells which had invaded and taken over the monkey cell line. "
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    Andrea Skolnik: This article from Rol
    ling Stone was printed in 1976 it is about Henrietta Lacks who Judyth has posted about on her wall . She has simply combined many sources in to one and bu/.../the-double-edged-helix... Notice that Judyth is mentioning Henrietta Lack in 2009 . The name was not widely known until the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack that was published in 2010 and promoted on Oprah for her book club. After that it exploded and has remained a bestseller . Prior to that the only reference was in the Rolling Stone article . SKOLNIK WANTS PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THAT I JUST INSERTED THIS IN 2009...BUT OF COURSE, WAY BACK IN 1999,I MENTIONED WOKING WITH HeLa... My point is that the story of these cells was not wide public knowledge at all . Henrietta's family did not know of this until the 70s when they began being asked to be involved in study themselves to her comments..." SKOLNIK IS UNAWARE THAT AMONG TOP CANCER RESEARCHERS, HeLa WAS KNOWN TO HEM, AND THAT IT CAME FROM HENRIETTA LACKS WAS INSIDER INFORMATION THAT WAS NOT REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC. THEREFORE SKOLNIK THINKS I MADE THIS UP ABOUT MY RESEARCH IN 1961. IT'S SO SAD. Gayle Nix Jackson then wrote: " Gayle Nix Jackson Andrea Skolnik ? You have so much information! I'm always impressed by the posts you make in relation to huxters."


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