Saturday, 27 June 2015

Daesh death cult co-incidence to Knights Templar _Terrorist attack

"This illustrates yet again that as far as the Daesh death cult is concerned, it's coming after us" - Prime Minister Tony Abbott. France and Spain have raised their alert level after the attacks, while Australia's remains on high.
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described the three separate terror attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait as horrific and brutal.

Coincidence to where the Knights Templar

  • Temple (Paris) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to Knights Templar - [edit]. The Knights Templar began in the 12th century, constructing a fort first in Le Marais. In the 13th century, a new fortress ...
  • Templar site : The 'Villeneuve du Temple' of Paris
    The Knights Templar were located in Paris, near the 'Place de Grève', where they occupied a house given to them by King Louis VII in 1137. This house was ...
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