Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lindt Cafe stone throwing co-incidence to Scorpion Ritual pattern

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    CCTV cameras line the Martin Place square so it is likely the attack was caught on CCTV ...

  • We have to look at any pattern.  
  • The moon last night was significant.  It was something that I was writing about in my new novel.
  • Concord...the is was the newest chapter of allegedly Hells Angels that I thought was formed linking to Kings Cross and the pattern to the brothel.
  • We have to look at the stones, they throw stones as it is written in the Bible.  I had stones thrown at me.
  • The Lindt Cafe siege linked to the alleged hidden mythology.  Union Bank was once at the site, and the premises this  gang protects in Kings Cross linked to Union Bank.  Union Bank in the years past were connected with trading with the enemy in America.
  • Thee breaking of the glass shows to all that the Police could have shot through the glass panels.  Then we have to look at the alleged corruption in the Police and the control.
  • We have the links to the Kings Basketball, but is it for the Kings we needed in the puzzle?
  • Elizabeth Street route?  Royal bloodline
  • Darlinghurst Road caught?  Leading us back to the  alleged control, I thought he was just going back to pick up his money?
  • Why would anyone drive to Kings Cross because the traffic is horrific... Say no more!.

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