Monday, 1 June 2015

Westpac Bank Finance manager Charged- Bendigo Bankster's reports

Bank Staff that have preyed upon the Elderly and Disabled start to come to light and begin to be prosecuted: Australia in need of Federal Elder and Disabled...
Cracks are now beginning to appear in the Australian Banks Armour, as those within the Banks that have preyed upon the Elderly and Disabled start to come to light and begin to be prosecuted, as we had predicted nearly 2 years ago... !!
The charging of Westpac's David St Pierre (we love how the main stream media, says former), is yet another "Banker Biting the Dust", who have been setting up Australia's Seniors and the Banks knew it.. just as Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Court exposed about former Westpac CEO Gal Kelly.. !!
The Political Reality is simple, Australians detest certain things like Child Molesters and those that perpetrate crimes against the Elderly and or Disabled, the Australian People GET IT and they won't stand for it...!!
As in the United States those that have committed crimes against Elderly and or Disabled are the very first cab off the rank to be prosecuted, with both State and Federal Prosecutors using strict Elder and Disabled Abuse Laws to take down the perpetrator and then work their way up the ladder with Plea Deals..!!
What many Australian Bank Victims need to understand is that there is a Political Priority that is usually followed in getting Justice and as the Bankers go down for Elder and Disabled Abuse.. it then flows on to others and eventually a safer system for everyone in the Nation.. !!
This could be the beginning of the end of the Banks Cover Ups and Fraud, with Justice around the corner for everyone, so long as everybody understands how Politics works and we all stay on the Same emoticon

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