Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Detective Inspector was left?

By 1995, the Commission had uncovered hundreds of instances of bribery, money laundering, drug trafficking, fabrication of evidence, destruction of evidence, fraud and serious assaults in just the detective division of the Kings Cross patrol. Participation in misconduct was universal in the detective division of the Kings Cross patrol, and the senior levels of the branch had detective sergeants and the chief detective in a permanent corrupt relationship with major drug traffickers and the local criminal milieu. The Kings Cross detectives received payments akin to a "rent" from individuals like Bill Bayeh, Stave Hardas and "Fat" George; the payments totalled thousands of dollars per week, collected by Sergeant Trevor Haken and shared amongst the six detective sergeants and the chief detective ("Chook" Fowler). This corrupt practice was known in police circles as "the laugh".

Detective Inspector was left?

Was it just a story, so the alleged gang continue?
  1. Underbelly 3: Sex interwoven with truth - News.com.au

    When I was at Darlinghurst detectives I went round to every joint in the Cross and ...being a Supervisory Detective Inspector at Kings Cross to the Fraud Squad.

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