Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chinese zodiac and western equivalents

Fire sign is a triangle, links to the Rat and we had the subject matter of Mouse within The Kings Cross Sting.

We have the links to the scorpion or scorpio equals a pig and the Porky's Brothel on Darlinghurst Road is where the King of  the X stands out the front of.

Eastern (Chinese) zodiac and their Western equivalents
Diagram of the Eastern (Chinese) zodiac and the equivalents of the Western zodiac.
Rat / Mouse = Sagittarius
Ox = Capricorn
Tiger = Aquarius
Rabbit / Hare = Pisces
Dragon = Aries
Snake = Taurus
Horse = Gemini
Goat / Sheep / Ram = Cancer / Crab
Monkey = Leo
Rooster = Virgo
Dog = Libra
Pig / Boar = Scorpio
The Western elements are also visible.
Red = Fire
White = Air
Brown = Earth
Blue = Water

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