Friday, 20 March 2015

$9 Million Cannabis trial is unwarranted. License to Cultivate to heal the sick for Juanita Nielsen legacy to live on

Save $9million on Cannabis Trials. License to Cultivate Medical Cannabis is all that is needed. I have been told the research component is the large part of the NSW Cannabis Trials, this I have been working on to be internet based via apps and virtual clinic in the clouds where the Cannabis trial the patient is on can be monitored by the patient and all their Doctor's. Part of the service, I have put up what Aljen Projects is asking the government for as I requested no money through the tender and I'm hoping I'm not the only research based company that has offered this to heal the sick.

By the people they have been paying for products, I have heard all too often the cost is too dear. Yet the research to heal the body could be a blood test for many cancer patients to work on realigning the body within the Cannabis way.

I hope other Cannabis tenders tell the public what sort of money they have asked for from the government?

Let the people vote!!!!!!aljen-project-cannabis-trials-approval/cn5f

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