Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Drug network ice epidemic...EXPOSED by Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen

Ice epidemic ‘destroying humanity, could cripple Australia’.http://yhoo.it/1MstqS7
NSW Commissioner Andrew Scipione says that unless the community joins the fight the country could be crippled - by the highly addictive drug, as one father who lost his daughter to ice goes further, saying it's destroying humanity. Paul Kadak reports.
  • Jennifer Stone
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  • Jennifer Stone I have asked since 2011 for a Police search warrant to expose the alleged hidden gold this gang has held for the drug ice to be flooded to our shores Australia. This police search warrant will expose the llinks I have collected to the unsolved murders, missing people to the skulls they collect and protect in Kings Cross. The Police Commissioner since 2012 has had every email sent to him and we still wait for the blind eye as this gives them a job I'm told.

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