Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Juanita Nielsen's skull position will expose the banking sector to the world?

When the Police search warrant exposes Juanita it will also expose the system this Underworld gang, as I call them Notorious Scorpion who allegedly own the Drug Cartels around the world through the system will also link to the system our countries have been modelled around.

For Australia it is the Reserve Bank and for America it is the Federal Reserve where both need to return to the alleged management of the leaders of the country.

The missing Gold I have followed like many others as it has exited the countries all to safe houses for this underworld gang we are exposing.

I was told over 80% of my  information is correct.  So now it is just the timing of the Moon as we look for the answers.  World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers has on it's sign a Red Moon which sits on Darlinghurst Road, waiting for the Police to search the subfloor compartment.

I call the Order A:.A:. for Australia and America yet it happens in many countries around the world.
Concerning the international bankers and the unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve System that, since 1913, has looted the citizens out of trillions of dollars. It was published without any copyright so it could be easily and economically distributed world wide. Mr. Emry clearly explains the simplicity yet evilness of the "Banksters" great scam against us. Although written in 1984, the same principles still apply. 

Part Two elaborates on this important work with comments and additional information by author Larry Flinchpaugh concerning the Money-Control over America. Part Three “Credit As a Public Utility” Part Four Author Larry Flinchpaughs “Letters to ther Editor” concerning our countries monetary issues. The first step in fixing our country's flawed monetary system is to educate the public so they will elect representatives who will vote to abolish the privately owned “Federal Reserve” and the “Fractional Reserve Banking System” and then allow the U.S. Treasury to print our money “interest free” as provided for in the Constitution and convert privately owned state banks to banks owned by the state (taxpayer). Consider reading this book several times until you fully understand our countries monetary system.

Part One is a reprint of Sheldon Emry’s book, “BILLION$ FOR THE BANKER$-DEBTS FOR THE PEOPLE concerning the international bankers and the unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve System that, since 1913, has...

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