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Raphael Joseph Missing underworld identity.

 Missing Sydney gangster Raphael Joseph probably murdered: police 
Sydney Morning Herald - 3 hours ago
Sydney gangster Raphael Joseph once told the then US secretary of state, Condoleezza ...

He was identified back in the US, flys back to Australia with officials knowing who he is and this guy wasn't put under surveillance? 
 Raphael Joseph  the name of the game is Rat eat Rat.

Last seen in Silver Commodore , yet within the mythology of this gang it is a reference to the silver chariot.

We are aware that this gang cuts people up to remove the evidence.  Yet when they do this the skull is kept.  There are a few properties where the police will need to search.
34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  You will find this links to the Christopher Flannery missing person.

The DiamondHorse Shoe Theatre in Oxford Street Paddington for this secret society I expose.

The spirits of late have told me to look in The Rocks.  The under ground area of a building.  I have found a couple of the buildings link to this gang I expose in the case of Juanita Nielsen.

This is one nation the drug nation.  This is where the gangs have mislead the police as having the branches of the brotherhood movement into distinct gangs however the drugs move like a chess game played blind.

Joseph had told agents he had been smuggled from Iraq to Mexico and from Mexico to the American border. He had also asked American authorities to deport him back to his country of birth, Iraq. Joseph was extradited from the US in February 2008 after fighting to stay there for more than a year. In March 2008 he faced court in Sydney and was charged with the murder of Dimitri Debaz. However the charges were later dropped after Joseph had been imprisoned for nearly 18 months.  

When the charges are dropped by the DPP it is a pattern even where the arresting police drop charges seems to fit with the alleged drug network and the secret society where I have asked for a Strike Force to enter the courts to expose the red book missing under Acting Judge A. Garling where the red book was a link to this gang behind the alleged Muslim Brotherhood movement.  

This gang I expose as the Scorpion gang the holder of the drug network allows their victim to walk to their death.  

Members of the “dlasthr” gang wear a distinctive clenched fist tattoo across their backs with the letters AK or dlasthr like a “badge of honour”, according to police.
Details of the gang, described as an Assyrian crime syndicate which operates from southwest Sydney, emerged in Liverpool Court last week.

Fist is the same as a hand?  Black Hand association for extortion and murder was where this gang originated in the days of when Juanita Nielsen went missing in 1975.  Today we have the links to Kings Cross and the red hand for the YuuZoo logo?  Just a co-incidence.

Definition of Dlasthr -
Assyrian Kings (Also known as Dlasthr) is an Assyrian criminal gang active in Australia, United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Russia and many other

Assyrian kings & Dlasthr Gang (The Last Hour Gang)
Links to murdering a police officer.
May 7, 2014 - Police say they have broken up a Middle Eastern crime gang that was ... The Assyrian Kings were implicated in the murder of off-duty police ...
By then, Assyria was beginning to decay from within, and King Josiah of Judah ..... fish, horse, scorpion), good luck expressions (usually egyptian symbols for life, ..... in which the Siloam water tunnel was cut by two different gangs of workmen.
Feb 25, 2014 - Imagine the Kingism of the Latin Kings street gang, which has its own prayers, ... Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra Front gangs fighting over bakeries and ... career by joining gangs such as Black Cobra, the Black Scorpions, the ...
Mar 6, 2012 - In gang cultures tattoos are used too mainly remember an event in a person's .... He was referred to as 'King' in prison, and very high statusmember of the 28s gang. ... on hisarm shows his membership to the Cape Town Scorpions gang. .... tribes and civilizations to use hennaare; Assyrians, Canaanites and ...
Assyrian King Trods the Neck of His Enemy This Assyrian king places his foot ... It illustrates how the Israelite prisoners were assembled into gangs and forced to .... contained a hook at the end and was given the terrifying name "scorpion."
Apr 26, 2010 - Bill Bayeh and John Ibrahim in those days certainly were not in control .... I have certainly heard of the Assyrian kings who were a gang of thugs ...
Apr 11, 2006 - Indeed, Assyrian gangs play a prominent part in Sydney's Middle Eastern ... like Danny Karam, Louis Bayeh and Mick Kanaan who was the most ... boys ran Kings Cross(biggest Drug and Prostitution Spot in Australia)The ...

"He got into that car. That car then drove from that area and was followed by a silver station wagon. We know that Mr Gao was taken to a location nearby. At that location we believe he was murdered.

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