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Unsolved Tapp Murders mother and daughter 1984 Ferntree Gully

The Tapp murders resurfaced in the news in 2008 when a man was charged  with their murders, however the charges were withdrawn soon after it was discovered that evidence that linked the man with the crime had been contaminated. It is thought that the contamination took place in 1999 when clothing from an unrelated offence was examined and found to contain DNA matching the man who was charged incorrectly. Some of the clothing from the Tapp murder case had been examined on the same day.

This was one suburb away from the Nanette Ellis murder in 1984.

 Jim went to the faulty back door and went in. He found Margaret tucked in bed, a law book next to her. 

  1. The Book of the Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Liber AL vel Legis citation needed] is the central sacred text of Thelema, written down from dictation mostly by Aleister Crowley, although Rose Edith Crowley is ...
  2. Sexual rituals is what they do then alleged murder is the pattern for the woman I have seen.
  3. This gang thinks by having sex and raising an angel is what they are to do for the god they worship the Beast 666 like the Bible.
  4. Then there were Margaret’s parents, the Nelsons, longtime Ringwood residents. They were religious and rigidly respectable, wary of any publicity reflecting on their 35-year-old daughter’s private life.
    Alan Nelson was a member of the Masonic Lodge, as were many senior police of that era. He trusted police and probably had enough influence to smother potential embarrassments the investigation might reveal. It was a time when Masons looked after each other — especially in the crime squads, where ambitious young detectives were known to join the Lodge, hoping to win faster promotion.
  5. Links to the Mason's yet this gang mirror image the Mason's by the Grand Lodge No2 South Africa.
  6. When the Tapps were killed in their house in Kelvin Drive, Ferntree Gully, on the night of August 7, 1984,
  7. The murder of Nanette Ellis in nearby Boronia the same year which preoccupied the same homicide crew.
  8. I have noticed as I have gone through murder after murder the primia facia of the police reports is very important.
  9. The dog barked, yet the evidence was left as the two bodies were placed in the beds.  
  10. Sex tape clue in double murder of Margaret and Seana ...

    Oct 3, 2014 - Police investigating the Tapp murders found letters from relatives of the dead doctor in which they said the doctor's wife hated Ms Tapp 
  11. Sex tape?  Juanita Nielsen had allegedly sex tapes with her of a Lodge 44 event as many have told me since.  

  12. Murder mystery: Could a pair of Dunlop Volleys lead to killer ...
    Aug 9, 2014 - THE deviate who murdered Margaret Tapp
  13. Don Tapp by reports had a alibi.

  14. A mother, her daughter and a murder case that got away ...

    Jun 19, 2010 - Margaret and Seana Tapp and their shrinking circle of loved ones ... The same went for Margaret's ex-husband, Don Tapp, who had a watertight alibi. .... A plan to turn Melbourne's Elizabeth Street into a rainforest canal .
  15. This gang I expose link to the tarot they have brought to life within the

  16. compartments of the Justice Card of the Ryder-Waite.  They link themselves to Anonymouse, yet the names repeat within the murders I have seen.  Within the system there of the compartments for the Moloch worshipping or MillK..  We have a Salon on Oxford street Darlinghurst Millk by co-incidence.  We have the 7 compartments which I saw 5 murders which fit to a pattern in a area, than one body is missing.  The 4th compartment as the bible tells us is the flour but I linked this to the robberies, fraud, extortion and the drugs they sell.
    1. Molech. What does it mean? - PrisonPlanet Forum
      Jun 24, 2008 - 33 posts - ‎4 authors
      Molech or Moloch, whose name probably derived from Melech "king," was one of the deities ..... Molech becomes MLk = milk = cow = Bulls milk.
  17. International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist ...
    1820, Renwick, Narrative Of Miss Margaret Mavoys Case .... 1837, Anonymous,Secret Societies Of The Middle Ages ...... 1918, Tapp, Sex The Key To The Bible, 1918__tapp___sex_the_key_to_the_bible.pdf. 

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  1. well what is obvious is the a murderer is not always a paedophile. to rape the 9yr old child is not usual. so shouldn't the police be looking at paedophiles. maybe someone who had something against the mother might murder her and the little girl but rape the little girl not likely