Monday, 30 March 2015

Juanita Nielsen, Cocaine and Blue Mountains co-incidence

In the days leading up to the Almighty rising I thought I would go over some links.

Juanita Nielsen was exposing as the research now shows the tapes were allegedly from Lodge 44 which Abe Saffron ran for the sex parties?  Believe or Not?

6 tapes will be found as the evidence is indicating.

Abe Saffron known as Mr Sin - Jewish
Frank Theeman - Jewish
Kerry Packer- Jewish we are going to find the alleged $5million in gold from 1995 in the brothel as the down payment on the alleged drug network flowing to Australia.

Jewish is the symbol of the MCj, the setup of the black magicK for initials to show to the Almighty how they cruxify the innocent in the setups.  M for Mary Magdalene, C for Courtney Ireland where the Holy Grail came from X marks the spot is the power needed to the Hooked X to locate as the Bible tells for the Great Cow Moloch held by the King of the Underworld today.  The Scorpion Bible tells us that.

Remember on earth the Almighty's son is held for this black magicK to happen and the longest unsolved murder is Jesus of Nazareth the person known as King of the Jews.

Within the war in the sky of the mythology, Hercules was sent to earth and  the scorpion is how the 13th Zodiac controls the underworld today.  The scorpion Bible is what has been  brought to life in Kings Cross.

Juanita Nielsen's name came up in this report.  Blue Mountains on the road her handbag was found just a few days later.

As I am told the links to the Cocaine is what  I should be following as the Scorpion Drug Cartel's protect the cocaine.

In 1975 Roger Rogerson was around, This network was what Juanita Nielsen was  exposing.
When I was asked for protection money by Deirde Grace and Roger Allen Stewart they told me the money of $100000 was going to John Ibrahim.

Roger Allen Stewart on the first time he entered the brothel told me his name was Roger Rogerson and the Police at Kings Cross Station did believe until we exposed that he wasn't a police officer at all.

Evan Whitton: Can of Worms II - 6. Biographies
1953; member Ananda Marga; arrested by Sergeant Roger Caleb Rogerson June ....including Askin, Robert Trimbole, Bruce Richard (Snapper) Cornwall, and 

Ananda Marga links to Katoomba and Maleny where the links were coming as allegedly I was told the problem I had linked to the DPP has a dealer?

Cocaine and the report links to Juanita Nielsen also linked to Wallerawang?

The Australian/NZ Drug Busts Mega-Thread Part Deux - Page 32 ...
Nov 23, 2009 - 25 posts - ‎5 authors
Police seize large quantity of MDMA and cocaine on Gold Coast ... allegedly supplying undercover police with prohibited drugs at Wallerawang 

When  I go back to Tilly Devine and Jim Devine day as we are fighting the spirit of James Devine it is the system, the pattern and history exposes the co-incidence.  

17 Jun 1930 - Barrier Miner - p1 - National Library of Australia
All the employees at the Renown colliery, near Wallerawang, have received notice of ... in running to earth, two men alleged to be engaged in the cocaine traffic

Is this right?  Xmas 2011 Deirde Grace as Peter Schaffer told me had gone to Mudge for Christmas.  Mudgee is not far from Wallerawang? › Community › The Pub
Jul 11, 2011 - Loc: Wallerawang, NSW Flag Last seen: 1 day, ... Check this out you can buy cocaine online · PeNgUiNy, 24,616, 13, 06/24/09 04:56 PM by fee ...
Jan 3, 1988 - ... stations to come: Wallerawang, Cookamidgera, Ivanhoe, Menindee, .... Was Convicted Of Conspiring To Distribute $100 Million In Cocaine.

A festive spree, but it's a bleak future for essentials - Letters ... › Opinion › Letters
May 12, 2005 - Barry Smythe Wallerawang .... To say that there is no link between the recent arrests for cocaine smuggling via baggage handlers 

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