Monday, 26 May 2014

Bio Weapon Cancer allegedly affects our pineal gland. The Kings Cross Sting reports Berberine may help

Mr Sting Triglericytes spiked.   reason, drop in adiponectin.

On top of that, several cancer cell lines have adiponectin receptors. And in vitro tests of adiponectin showed that it limits cancer cell proliferation and prompts apoptosis (cell death).

    Researchers have also found that the less adiponectin a woman has, the greater her risk of endometrial cancer and -- if she's post-menopausal -- breast cancer. And because low adiponectin is also associated with insulin resistance — that early warning sign of diabetes -- and insulin resistance helps determine obesity, a drop in adiponectin levels may mean a rise in dysfunctional fat tissue that could lead to cancer.

    So it's clear that adiponectin plays a role both in determining cancer risk and may point toward a possible treatment. Plus, medications that increase adiponectin levels are proving to be useful as anticancer agents. So in terms of understanding and treating obesity-associated malignancies, adiponectin could be an important key.   Berberine lowers elevated blood total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and atherogenic apolipoproteins (apo B) (Apo B),[41] but the mechanism of action is distinct from statins

Naturally occuring in coffee and sweet potato.  We eat sweet potato however Graeme doesn't drink coffee at all.  

I have been researching about the DNA of the human body blue print and the blocking of the pineal gland for sometime.

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