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Oswald evidence with Ed Cage and Jennifer Stone

Here are 2 shots we can credit to the Dal-Tex Second Floor Hit-Team managed by George HW Bush of the CIA
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  • Jennifer Stone Was this General Walker the father inlaw of Prescott Bush? The General that LHO thought of as Adolf Hitler?
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  • Ed Cage So you think Ruth Paine, Michael Paine and Marina Oswald helped to set up Oswald? Why would they do that Jennifer Stone?
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  • Ed Cage 13)Oswald pulled pistol on Police at TT after entering without 
    paying. 14)That pistol exclusively linked to Tippit slaying. 15)No less than 10 eyewitnesses either see Oswald shoot Tippit or see him leaving the murder scene. 16)Oswald told DPD he "did not own a gun." (A lie.)
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  • Jennifer Stone Marina Oswald I think was just the tool they utilised. Within my research, and the book I wrote on JFK, their were three people I named as people of interest for the police to further investigate, Ruth Paine, Michael Paine and Richard Nixon. They all...See More
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  • Jennifer Stone If you have found a pattern, you will have looked upon other assassinations or murders to find this pattern as with just one assassination the pattern is not seen when it is studied. You can google me I write The Kings Cross Sting. I am working at th...See More
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  • Ed Cage Jennifer Stone .. "People of interest" is a far cry from convincing evidence. What I'm posting is the crucial evidence PATTERN including *hard evidence* something the CT side lacks.
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  • Jennifer Stone Within the research on JFK I noticed George Bush, I just couldn't get the significant evidence for the Police. This was part of where I thought many people before me had gone wrong. Look at his age. This system I was uncovering was huge and the drug...See More
  • Ed Cage 18)Oswald went to Paine's on Thursday rather than Friday. 19)Oswald took long brown bulky paper bag to work with him on 11.22.63 morning 20)Both Frazier & Randall confirm seeing Oswald with a long 
    bulky brown bag on 11-22-63 morning.
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  • Jennifer Stone I am feeding my information directly to the President of the United States his private Attorney and to firms of Solicitors within the International Courts of the world for the solution to come about
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  • Ed Cage You posted a theory Jennifer. I'm posting the crucial evidence pattern which does include hard evidence,, something CTers lack.
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  • Marty Eichler Same old WC rehash Ed. It's bunk and I won't play that game. It works in your forum but not here.
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  • Jennifer Stone I have been asking, now I'm days away as the Police search warrant has been granted for the hard evidence allegedly linking George Bush, Rothschild's to the drug network with this evidence will show within the strong hold I will allege evidence link them to the assassination of JFK..It's a theory till Im found correct. I am still awaiting as we research a team of us now for the drug network history links
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  • Ed Cage Marty if I just told people "It's bunk." .... I wouldn't convince anyone.
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  • Ed Cage Jennifer good post IF you have hard evidence. I honestly haven't seen much in the way of *hard evidence* from CTers.
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  • Jennifer Stone I started researching in 2009, now its 2014 I utilise every waking moment trying to pull this network apart. If you have evidence Ed please send it to me you can also send it to the John F. Kennedy foundation his family is very interested in the hard evidence
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  • Ed Cage 21)Oswald told Frazier long brown paper bag contained curtain rods.* 
    22)Curtain rods never found.* 23)Oswald denies to DPD that he ever told Frazier he had "curtain rods" in long brown bag.* /////
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  • Ed Cage Jennifer if you see anything in the 24 points I have posted so far... please jump in with a correction or a question. That's how we all learn.
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  • Richard Hooke It is impossible for the bullet that entered here from the downward trajectory from the 6th floor of tsbd could have come out jfk's throat. A five year old could figure that out - five years could figure it out but the dumbshits on the Warren Commission were EXTREMELY CHALLENGED to say the least
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  • Ed Cage Richard ce399 fired from the 6FL, TSBD came down at a 26 degree angle hitting Kennedy just above his right shoulder blade and exiting his throat. Do what Dr Chad Zimmerman suggested. Stand in front of a mirror and have your wife place a pencil at that same 26 degree angle.
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  • Richard Hooke Cage, the entire world knows Kennedy was hit in the throat from the front; you're writing you're own history as a Kennedy killer for all-time
  • Jennifer Stone Finger print of Mac Wallace matches on the gun on the 6FL I agree with that and I wrote this within my book. Interesting Ed Cage I haven't met you on the forum's I have been on until now. You must think LHO did it? Yet LHO was working for the CIA now their is two CIA's I have found Criminal Intelligence Agents and the Central Intelligence Agents...have you exposed this Mr Cage in your evidence?
  • Jennifer Stone The throat doesn't line up with the back ...I felt it was two shots? So do many other researchers. The line of sight would fit the position of James Tague or around this area from the overpass
  • Jennifer Stone This was allegedly with military trained snipers as the gun firing was expertise for the assassination was needed.
  • Ed Cage Jennifer Stone you seem like a well intentioned lady... But there is no ***legitimate**** evidence linking Oswald as working for the CIA. None. nada. zip. 0.
  • Ed Cage 24)Oswald denies both Frazier's long brown paper bag account, 
    as well as his "curtain rod" story.* 25)Fibers from Paine garage blanket found in/on brown paper bag.* 25a) No explanation of who (other than Oswald) could or WOULD have taken his rifle from the Paine garage.
  • Richard Hooke forget it buddy, Oswald was in the first floor doorway, they placed a few spent casings up there and said he did it; it's all bullshit. in 2014 NO ONE BUYS THAT CRAP ANYMORE.
  • Jennifer Stone Ed Cage Item 25a Ruth Paine, Michael Paine both had opportunity and this was itemised when Ruth Paine went to the garage within testimony however she wasn't the shooter yet the car was allegedly seen picking up LHO so who was it that allegedly had the rifle? Mac Wallace?
  • Ed Cage Oz had time to get from the 6th floor to the lunchroom. As for your claim, "(they placed a few spent casings up there and said he did it)" .....who is "they?"
  • Richard Hooke Mac Wallace was definitely THE TSBD 6th floor shooter.
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  • Richard Hooke the CIA and the U.S. Military Cage, that's who it was
  • Ed Cage Jennifer ask yourself who planted Oz prints on his rifle, the SN ....and the bag and WHO STOLE OSWALD'S RIFLE and placed it on the 6th floor?
  • Jennifer Stone Who is Oz
  • Jennifer Stone Oswald's prints were never on the rifle whilst he was alive
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  • Ed Cage Richard there is no such legitimate evidence that, "the CIA and the U.S. Military" placed a few spent casings up there and said he did it.
  • Jennifer Stone The hidden power of where President Esinhower talked about just a few men. It only needs a few men for the assassination
  • Ed Cage Jennifer you are mistaken with your claim, "(Oswald's prints were never on the rifle whilst he was alive)"
  • Jennifer Stone Their is no proof of when he was alive if you go through the timelines and the reason why when LHO was dead at the Hospital the Detectives visited the body with the gun all for a reason
  • Ed Cage 26) Fibers from Oswald's shirt on his MC rifle.. 
    27)Oswald was in TSBD; Beveled skull, medical evidence 
    clearly establishes (proof) the shots came from behind.
  • Jennifer Stone Oswald had two shirts, now Ruth Paine had connections with Oswald with cloths were left at the house. JVB was the person who bought the other similar shirt proving their were two shirts and allegedly Ruth Paine had time to collect the evidence. Even the shirt could have been utilised as a part of the handover of equipment for the setup?
  • Ed Cage Jennifer his prints were identified while he was still alive. One was under the stock on the barrel and there was a similar partial print on the trigger guard of Oswald's rifle. The rifle was wiped down but he missed some HARD EVIDENCE.
  • Jennifer Stone The evidence didn't prove LHO shot JFK. Just that the shots came from the back I agree
  • Grant Purdy According to Paul Mooney, the funeral director, one evening 4 suits showed up at the Funeral Home and asked to see LHO's body in the prep room. When they left, Paul found ink on one of Lee's hand/palm. And low and behold, the very next morning it was announced his prints were found on the rifle! Up to that point they hadn't been able to find any of his prints on it....
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  • Jennifer Stone I never knew about the ink
  • Grant Purdy According to Paul Mooney, the funeral director, one evening 4 suits showed up at the Funeral Home and asked to see LHO's body in the prep room. When they left, Paul found ink on one of Lee's hand/palm. And low and behold, the very next morning it was announced his prints were found on the rifle! Up to that point they hadn't been able to find any of his prints on it....
  • Grant Purdy There was an interview with Paul Mooney and he describes how it went down..
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  • Grant Purdy On YouTube
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  • Ed Cage Grant his palm print and his similar partial print on the trigger guard were identified *before* he was killed.
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  • Jennifer Stone Thanks this was important as it shows LHO didn't have his fingerprints on the rifle before hand.
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  • Jennifer Stone Ed Cage the authorities made out it was their however they didn't have proof this was the alleged corruption by Police their was a key person within the police who were corrupt
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  • Ed Cage Jennifer respectfully don't believe things you read without checking them out. FACT> Oswald's prints were found on his rifle before he was killed. Same goes for the SN and the bag... All **hard evidence** btw.
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  • Ed Cage 29)Oswald erratic, ill-planned "escape" from TSBD: Bus, 
    departure from bus, transfer to cab, cab driver instructed 
    to drop off Oswald several blocks south of his boarding 

    house at 1026. (No accomplices to Oswald TSBD departure.)
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  • Jennifer Stone Oswald didn't have the motive. This was a main item where the Police didn't research within the crime. Jack Ruby had motive to kill LHO for a reason. Now who were above Jack Ruby? We have to go up the motive who made the most out of the assassination as this was a high risk event in the open, on a day in Dallas where allegedly the Illuminati was putting the Freemason's to look like the alleged hidden reason? well? Assassination at the main Dealey Plaza? Who gained, the alleged banks by LBJ changing the executive order of JFK. This gang is still working day and night. You haven't shown to me any patterns of co-incidences within this crime to say 9/11 attacks or to the London Bombings. Now I have found a pattern which links through these and LHO wasn't connecting yet he was allegedly aware of the hidden power that was a reason why JFK could have had an assassination and by JVB he reported this.

  • Jennifer Stone The alleged accomplices shot Tippet all for a reason to the patterns within the Scorpion Rituals for the God they worship as I wrote within The Kings Cross Sting to the power of 39 where the Freemason's links to the Grand Lodge No 2 South Africa

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    • Ed Cage Jennifer --- Oswald was pro Cuba, he rightfully perceived Kennedy to be anti Cuba. JFK was for democracy, Oz was not. Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to make a name for himself. Several valid motives,,,,
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    • Ed Cage 30)Oswald resists arrest at TT; fights Police, and pulls a revolver. 31)Oswald cannot explain Hidell ID found on him at arrest. 32)Oswald claims his head cut & pasted on (the entire series) of BY photo(s) - (Another lie.)
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      • Jennifer Stone The link to Hidell I found as the Aleister Crowley names that linked. Within the Kings Cross Sting I expose the patterns related to Aleister Crowley's work the Beast 666 which is another connection to the Rothschild family where they had the numbers stamped back in time on things for the 666 relationship to Rothschild
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      • Jennifer Stone Oswald didn't resist arrest, he said in the Movie Theatre don't shoot me I believe as I can remember. Remember this is not significant for the conviction of the people behind. LHO explained he was the patsy. I have had time myself where I have explained I was setup the same thing the alleged corruption I hit within the Police and this shows the power of the money.
      • Jennifer Stone Ruth Paine got LHO the job TSBD now that's significant for the setup position.
  • Jennifer Stone

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