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Bio weapon Cancer evidence, Mantle Cell Lymphona, DPIG,

ho worked on the bio-weapon cancer learnt how to manipulate the DNA of the blue print of the human body.  With this, by additives which are in our water supply has increased the metals and minerals thus increasing the risk of cancer to grow in the human body.

I had severe Golden Staph antibotic resistant I was 30 years old I actually caught the disease off Dr Pannikote from St George Hospital.
What I found when medicine didn't help I turned to tea tree oil, lemon oil, rock salt.  Utilising the largest organ we have the skin for the transfer and I improved.

If we believe in God, we know within the planet their is everything we need to survive.  This holy anointing oil, as described in the original Hebrew version of the recipe in Exodus (30:22-23), contained over six pounds of kaneh-bosem, a substance identified by respected etymologists, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis, extracted into about six quarts of olive oil, along with a variety of other fragrant herbs. The ancient anointed ones were literally drenched in this potent mixture.

I am just a researcher, however I can see the THC is a viable part of this product which is the part that seems to allegedly work.  The structure of the Hemp oil.

We have an epidemic I feel in the world when you just look at childhood cancers and the spike which has occurred for one in DPIG.  I looked at the parts of the brain, how our brain works has fasinated me for years.  How we can think something and it can happen intrigued me.  I have been writing books about it, it's called manifesting however for cancer it seems to happen.  Sometimes through whole families.

I interviewed many people with children who had died from DPIG on facebook and over the phone to Talin's Dad Gerry.  I noticed many of the people were aware of good nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle.  So I looked at how the processes could be happening where our own DNA was being manipulated.

One of the parts of my study I have done within my books is working on how Judyth Vary Baker can claim she worked on the Bio Weapon, I have seen information however it seems they had been able to allegedly manipulate the DNA through the Polio vaccine and the SV40 under Dr Ochsner and Dr Mary Sherman who were both working on this program for the USA you are lead to believe by Judyth Vary Baker.

I asked at the Cancer Council the other day, they didn't seem to think anyone in their right mind would even help to create a disease which is so wide spread.  Within my research and thoughts, I found the alleged Mercury within the injections came as worry to me to note.  The introduction of metal within the body where the cells having a heavy metal upgrade held is a matter which cancer survives upon.

Extract that stood out.
 Cancer Vaccine Lead Reported ...OKLAHOMA (AP) - Researchers at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center reported Saturday what they say might be a new lead in the search for human cancer vaccine. Dr. Julis McCain. Lampkin-Hibbard, doing research at the medical center under an American Cancer Society grant, reported the findings to the American Association for Cancer Research at Toronto, Canada. Serum taken from rabbits which were injected with human cancer extracts prevented certain kinds of cancer in mice, Dr. Lampkin said. She said the research established that subcellular cancer particles from one species--humans --can produce an antiserum in another species--rabbits--which can in turn act as vaccine in a third species--mice. " The doctor worked with particles isolated from cells of cancer. The rabbits were injected, and the serum was developed from their tissues. This serum was injected into mice highly susceptible to a cancer known as lymphoma. Live lymphoma cells also were injected into the mice. . Dr. Lampkin said the mice receiving the vaccine showed 100 per cent immunity to the tumor, but a control group which did not receive the vaccine consistently developed large tumors."

I will add the book Im working on now.  I haven't finished however if it helps expose how this gang, I have linked into has utilised various ways to decept people than for a cure for cancer we may be one step closer.

I write self help and novels.  I didn't realise when I started to research about Hells Angels, Abe Saffron in 2009 that it would connect to the alleged criminal order of power.  Within this work is my novel, however the research linking to Judyth Baker and Dr Sherman may help expose the system this gang has utilised in part.  It may not be how Graeme got his cancer, however the spray he utilised at work on the farm was a Du Pont spray which links directly to Mantle Cell Lymphonia when I found out the name back when Graeme was first diagnosed, his father maybe able to shed some light on this for the research if needed he is being treated by Dr Roncolotto.

I hope you can read between my lines of research and see the real evidence even in the wider community regarding Judyth Vary Baker and who she was working for at the time.  

Jennifer Weatherstone.

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 10:01 PM, Jennifer <> wrote:
These are just two reports I have noted on the Cutaneous horn.  

On facebook I have noticed numerous Cancer patients who have them as the photos have fed over time.

Jennifer Weatherstone
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