Friday, 23 May 2014

Facebook answer on Major Edwin Walker

I would like to comment and Facebook didn't allow this, so I have added here:

First Lee Harvey Oswald described Major General Edwin Walker as Adolf Hitler.  Now that doesn't mean LHO was involved with the guns for the assassination of JFK.  

LHO was working for the CIA, many people have said if LHO was involved the whole of the CIA was involved with the assassination of JFK and I feel he wasn't involved in the shooting of JFK however he knew more than most of what was happening that day by his movements after and before the events.

What Judyth Vary Baker said he was going to Redbird Airport after, this was a position that JVB knew prior to the assassination what was happening was this the close ness allegedly with David Ferrie she had?  Dr Ochsner?  Or others?

LHO didn't admit the rifle was his, within my novel Suspicious minds I wrote about how allegedly Ruth Paine had the connections with the garage and framing the patsy.  I am sure she allegedly had help Michael Paine for one who connections to the Bell Helicopter and the money made out of the Vietnam war is one reason.

LHO was in Dallas for a reason, this I look at New Orleans in my next book with the connections to this research on the bio weapon cancer virus and how it's made as T and B Cell cancers are soft tissue cancers and have affected my family.  Mr Sting, has Mantle Cell Lymphona with Cutaneous Horns for the secondary cancer allegedly caused through the Dupont spray's to the fruit trees.

Within the assassination of JFK, their was someone with a huge amount of Military knowledge, angles, these angles I have exposed met the astrology crimes utilisting the mercury for the power line of the shooting.  The key people in the area's of the grassy knowl, of the Umbrella man with the Nazi sign all linking to the signs of the SS which links to Major Edwin Walker and to this hidden power of the alleged Skull and Crossbones 222, Germany for Chapter 122 and for Skull and Bones 322 for the hidden power of the alleged money for the power linking to Bush family, allegedly Prescott Bush for the Union Bank connection to Kings Cross and to USA.  This is the link to Rothschild.
The link to allegedly George Bush, Reagan, to the child prostitution all a link to this hidden gang on the streets.

Richard, What is your take on the allegation that Lee Oswald fired a rifle shot at Gen Edwin Walker?
I'm gonna guess it's just another bullshit story designed to frame LHO. And besides how does the attempted murder of a right wing turd like Ted Walker correlate with the supposed killing of a liberal democratic President? Sounds like a weak plan to frame the guy.
These people show their hand too easily.
  • Richard Hooke it was not proven Oswald took the shot at Walker; and Walker was only nicked, by the way, no one was killed. Lee Oswald did not shoot anyone, Walker, Kennedy or Tippit. They went to extreme lengths to caste Lee Oswald as a communist assassin and so, I would have to say, the shot at Walker, that missed, was just another part of the framing of Lee Oswald.
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  • Lee Cahalan "one size fits 'em all" huh?
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  • Lee Cahalan thought so...
  • Lee Cahalan another question, what was the caliber of the bullet slug which entered Reagan's chest in 1981?
  • Lee Cahalan never mind I answered myself. .22 caliber. A convenient caliber to frame a patsy as it is found both in a handgun and a high powered rifle.
  • Richard Hooke yeah, I think a .22 would be less likely to exit the body - so the evidence could be removed at the hospital, etc

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