Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Australian Newspaper 1975 exposed the corruption to Labor, Now we have Liberal.

Jennifer Stone Get active again I write about corruption in Kings Cross, the alleged linking of the Liberal Party to the Kings Cross area is history. Where the thugs of the drug network can't come down, we have corrupt police utilised as proven now with Glen McNamara who was to expose the police corruption for the Royal Commission and now find's himself charged with Murder of Gao. We have the connections with the underworld of Roger Rogerson still moving the crap of drugs as the police charges show. We have the need for a Police search warrant on Juanita Nielsen to be acted upon as this corruption from 1975 has never been fulloy exposed to the general public. This links to the control of the drug network to a serious of companies, allegedly J & B Trust, D & S Australia, Russell Trust, Irving Trust, The Hells Angel's Ltd, TYVO Ltd, the connections with Michael J. Hand where is her today? Allegedly Michael J. Hand is Gonzo from Melbourne the fingerprints will prove and the corruption sinks to the NSW Party who will not expose, where under the law they utilise the Police Under 141a Police Act no further investigation is utilised for the blind eye to be seen. Where you have Detective Amanda Dench Kings Cross Police under oath stating she stopped all investigation into fraud where this gang has taken over $238000 and more of money because the Police couldn't see them. The Police NSW Kings Cross has jumped to hold all evidence, I have reported this to Strike Force Raptor, to other Police, to the Police Commissioner and the Inspector of PIC who all state under 141a no further investigation, I reported to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who was silent, it is not his department as District Court Blanche's secretary reported to me. I have reported to ICAC they have no duresdiction over Police, the police are not classified as a employee of the government. We have the Shootings all around Sydney, the drug network exposing however just a police search of 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, where I opened the Juanita Nielsen murder investigation up and where Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald Kings Cross Police said no further investigation into the evidence of a guy allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges caught on drug dealing through efforts I have put to walk these streets to expose how the corruption has existed to turn the blind eye. We have allegedly Peter William Schaffer who terrorised me, threatened to murder me allowed to have no charges because as he told me, he was protected by the cuz's he worked for as his mobile was ringing the name Scotty turned up, he told me it was Scott Orrock on the phone, then he had Felix Lyle, Bill Bayeh all calling him to see what was happening with me. Lets just expose this gang forever would be the easiest. The Police search warrant which Kings Cross Police won't ask for, where Surry Hills Detective Inspector Mark Howard refused to ask for, where Detective Mark Carter Kings Cross Police needed the owners permission when this was not granted the Police stopped investigation. We have the links to people outside of Australia through the alleged connections of D & S Australia Pty Ltd linking to Hong Kong, to Accountants where we have connections to the Caryisle group of companies where the links to the MH370 links to Rothschild and Bush for the patent relating to the batteries. Yes we have hit the main stream corruption and the general journalists do not see it? Just google Juanita Nielsen The Kings Cross Sting and what judges call it the Scorpion Rituals of the system where this gang does drugs left hand and murder right hand for the wall of silence. This is where the Kings Cross Police stop all investigation. I was told by Police Professional Standards, we have changed the Superintendent now put in the evidence again to Kings Cross Police Station. I did, nothing happened. The Superintendant's evidence in a envelope was refused by Kings Cross Police, Rose Bay Police where he came from. Mr Weatherstone has cancer, the defrauding the Financial Ombudsman declared twice I was hit by an outlaw gang in February 2014 when the Police did nothing back in July 2011 and said so under oathe. We have treatment costs of $10000 and the Police still just a police search warrant will expose what we already know as the thugs told me what was in the brothel and where. I told the police, I waited till I could prove where the body could be before telling the police as my life was threatened by the thugs that still for some are so protected the drug movements they do are never uncovered. Allegedly Karyn Englehardt, Rod Raffout, Roger Hegarty, Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam, and further, Allegedly Diedre Grace, Jamie Munro they just moved to hide the connections and left the evidence on my You tube channel Sparkling Chandeliers. will expose some of the system if you go through the pages.

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