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The Kings Cross Sting
Exposing the hidden Control
There’s a method in my Crazy way

Copyright and Indemnity:
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced. No part of this publication may be transmitted electronically or otherwise in part or whole without the prior written permission of the author.
For intents and purposes, is this solution to our world today.
This manuscript is the result of research and investigation by the investigator and author. It is compiled for the sole purpose of research and the statements and averments of fact contained herein are the result of investigation and research of agencies both private and public. The purpose of this document is to place into perspective such research and investigative findings and is to be used only at a time in the future when it may be legally published and circulated as an historical document. The name of the author is a nom de plume.
Judges have declared this a Novel….
Read and be enlightened.
We apologize to the community for names of missing persons and deceased this is a Private Investigation into an Outlaw gang that exists today.
All descriptions of artwork, architecture in this novel are accurate.
The research started in 2009 though it’s through forces joining  together to expose this cult which lurks within the world.
Within the eyes of Judge Garling The Kings Cross Sting series is a novel.  Within the eyes of the Author The Kings Cross Sting is the Occult answer to Lodge j for Druj of Kings Cross.
Jennifer Stone,  reporting the News for The Kings Cross Sting finishing the story where Juanita Nielsen started when Victoria Street Development was affecting her neighbourhood.
The Bohemian Storm is coming, we are raising a Soul

When we love with our heart for someone it is with feelings.
When we feel the love from a spirit it is a true love, no matter what happens the wings of your friends are near.
Blow the bugle Private Francis……The tarot tells me when the Almighty blows his horn the compartments within the Moloch open.  This is the Justice when he has seen the Injustice on earth.

To my Spirit Friends I hold close to my heart
We are pushing to expose the truth.

For the most Precious Stone in the world.

The Tarot was the link
The Tarot told me, it was the hidden control.  Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild 1838:  “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”.
When my Mother told me the answers were never in the Bible, I have shown to many whilst they read through The Kings Cross Sting the roadmap that was seen by many to expose this outlaw gang that has evolved through our society.
When the Bible doesn’t have the answer the Dictonary will was an expression a true Woodgate would tell me.  I come from the Woodgate family, the links to Sir Walter Scott who had tried within his work’s to expose something that I was seeing today on the ground.
I have the links to the Dwyers where they were the protectors of the Holy Grail for years, and a Great Grandfather who came from Corknell Ireland was this the link where he married Ellen Eliza for the child who was hidden in society for his life.  The birth certificate without a death certificate matching was a clue to the family lines where the links for the Care taker of the Holy Grail was in your blood.  My own DNA was knowing where and what I found, it was the time for the Holy Grail to be seen and the souls we were rising to the sun were enormous.
Stand strong Jennifer, Mr Satan said, the Celebration is at the X it’s coming and we will be all alright.
I thought about the terrible road of drama I had been on, the information I had typed within The Kings Cross Sting and how the alleged corruption couldn’t see the problems as the blind eye is turned and controlled in key departments.
I have just put the information up within The Kings Cross Sting showing the protected Bloodline to the best of my capabilities and my Mother always wondered why?
Without seeing the roadmap within the Bible I’d be lost.  It was with this I could work out the patterns in some regards for the murders and the missing persons.  The game of slaughter this gang played on the ground every day for the 13th bloodline to be created with murder on their hands.
There was going to be no more bloodshed, it was time for the gang to be exposed yet I knew we were catching the big boys, the real big boys and twist the power of the black magicK I had to keep writing it was the power of Thor I was utilizing for the sting to the top level of a gang around the world.
I wondered why people had not seen the faces and evidence like I have, I wondered why the gang could be so well hidden without the real evidence being exposed.
I was going down to Woolloomooloo and back to Kings Cross to expose and study the information where I was at now.  It was the information that will lead me to discover the heads, the heads for the black magicK to attack and expose.
I knew the spirits had gathered at Woolloomooloo right where Nellie Cameron had lived in the past.  It was the Razor Gang for the big boys on the ground in the spirit form I needed for the help, I have to ask them all to keep helping me to expose this gang and for the inner strength as I wear my Talisman of the diamond heart and Scorpion for protection.
The Black diamonds on my bracelet with the pearl, the clover for luck and the G for Gigi was the power I had with the spirits protection.
It was the holder of the Holy Grail with the Gold heart who walked the earth’s chakra to expose the biggest drug bust in history.  How this gang worked on the ground.  I had Juanita Nielsen collecting the information in the spirit form.  I was working on the communication and my body was the tool the spirits were using.
I had a brain, I could see the corruption thou the system till now had protected.  I knew Alex was somewhere around, as the spirits were working on the timing for the assault on Kings Cross to expose the Holy Grail when the big boys will be seen.  The evidence was needing to be collected and sent to the authorities.
I had clues on the ground, Victoria Street Development and how was it being funded?  If it happened then, we have it happening now?  The Bible was one roadmap, the other was the hidden meanings which I have uncovered now it was just a few more that will unlock the key to the hidden crypt as we are raising souls to heaven, the relics of Jesus Christ?  Mary Magdalene?  The work of the Masters with art that surrounds her?  The Holy Grail was coming to be found as the second coming of Christ will be seen in the sky as the legend reveals.
The Holy Grail you can search for and never find, now when the Holy Grail finds you, I then have been come the Caretaker in the eyes of the Almighty Judge with the invisible string he utilizes to me for the pull on the earth to see the Devil and Satan themselves.
Some have said in legends of writings the Rothschild’s think of themselves as the 13th bloodline however I knew that was incorrect by the history I had exposed where the ruling Queen was over thrown and Mary Queen of Scots beheaded.
I had some of the links, Abe Saffron from 1948 when Kings Cross had changed to more of a business and mecca for a gang that walks the streets today.  We have the tree where the bikes leave the shingle on like the dog tag for a warrior.

I had the evidence of Bishop Maurice with regard to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and how for many this was missed or manipulated to expose everyone except the truth.
There was a bust of Maurice Bernard Houghton in Kings Cross park where the fountain was today and the relationship to Texas who came in the 1960’s.  Thou for some Abe Saffron was a master within the alleged Underworld it was the crime that circled him where the police could not find the links.
We had the people in Australia affected by the loss of Prime Minister Holt in 1967 disappearance and the sex smearing of names were coming fast and thick as a link regarding the propaganda I could see. President John F. Kennedy, Prime Minister Harold Holt both from countries where the initials were A for the Order of the AA? 
Was this the work of Aleister Crowley coming alive and then we have the relationship to how the Holy Grail came to Kings Cross a destination in time which was not even around when Nostradamus wrote the Quatrains. 
Bishop was a link, Bishop Maurice, Bishop David Ferrie was another link, we had the CIA in Kings Cross Australia on a regular visiting to Maurice Bernard Houghton at the Beef and Bourbon Restaurant which was noted in history.
History exposes the 9 tenths of the law where the co-incidences happen and then the invisible string is seen.
I knew the black scorpion tattoo’s in Kings Cross were from the elite.  As Alex said, “the Tattoo of the Red Scorpion will open doors Jen, just hang on we will be flying”.  I could feel the string this morning as I was waiting to go to court to help pin the Master for the murder of Juanita Nielsen.  I had so much evidence, yet the Police just needed to move in to expose the relics thus finding the bones of the souls we were raising to the sun from the hidden crypt which was build to fit King David’s tomb.
The game of slaughter was being played, the Genie was showing us the magicK of murder and missing persons as we rubbed the teapot, brew the tea and pushed for the evidence to be seen.
God bless the spirits who have helped me, the spirits who have protected not just me, there is Alex and Mr Satan all working with our Golden hearts for the rising of the souls in  Kings Cross.
Private Francis blow your bugle as the horn of the trumpet from the Almighty blows the compartments of the Moloch lift and the spirits rise.  So many spirits were trapped within the Hall of Death where allegedly Abe Saffron called it the Pit of Death.
Now we know if we find the skull of Juanita Nielsen their her body is under a swimming pool owned by allegedly Mr Godson who ran the alleged Jakesy Hotel in Bankstown. 
It was like within the mythology of the Skull and Cross Bones it was skulls I felt collected and thigh bones.  As I squirmed in my seat thinking of the thugs dissecting the bodies in the brothel in Room G for God.  This gang thought they were God, the almighty who manipulated the universe they created.  It was when the patterns of the scorpion linking to alleged murders around the world showed to me their was a cult where within the secret world the knowledge of the spirits were known.  I was working with the spirits now to expose this same gang.  I felt in Kings Cross it was father and son a relationship.
I had heard people who didn’t know Alex know of him.  I thought it was strange, we were working on destroying a gang together.  It was not just raising the souls as this only caught the people who held the Moloch compartments back in 1948 and in 2003 allegedly Sid MacDonald Pty Ltd, Abe Saffron and further as the handover from Tilly Devine went smoothly to Abe Saffron on the death of Phil the Jew.
I could see the power of the Bohemian Storm coming to Kings Cross, it was a power hidden where we needed now to expose all the veins within the system to stop the bloodflow for the 13th bloodline of murder to feed the beast this gang was working for.  The Beast was alive on the ground earth somewhere I just needed to find the hidden connections and I was hoping the spirits would dance the evidence across my laptop research.
The books I was looking for were not in any Library, the crimes were only written about by the Newspapers in brief and the thugs had been able to get away with the system to hide the DNA and never be found out.
Kings Cross was a key in 1860, Skull and Bones was 1833, now Amsel Rothschild was allegedly working behind the background when he made this statement back in history.  It was one point I could research I thought.
Springfield was a name where the Hooked X map was created within the  subdivision of Darlinghurst Road.  We then allegedly know one party who knew the Holy Grail was coming to Kings Cross.
Springfield House is where the Police station of Kings Cross now stands.  It’s the black magicK for evil I noticed and how the yellow feathers were a link to the indian’s who wore the skulls among them along Darlinghurst Road.  It was one link, yet their would be more as this was how our society has been able to wrap  around the alleged evil outlaw gang and never until now expose though the positioning of people in high places that allegedly know the secret.
The tattoo’s on the thugs were like positions within the gang and how the tattoo’s linked to the Order of the Knights for some, well some who knew about the magicK bottle of the Genie?
When the gang terrorized me, said I couldn’t talk to Alex I signed my text’s XXX.  X for the Holy Grail position like the marked treasure, X for Darlinghurst Road and Victoria Road crossing and X for love I had for a brothel right in the heart of Kings Cross.  A brothel when you open the doors you are confronted by a gang that pushed upon me day after day.  Terrorised me to the point I was scared, yet I have kept fighting because I knew the spirits were trapped.  Murder was the X in this gang’s mythology of the X tenth position of the maker in the Universe on Darlinghurst Road.
I thought if the puzzle was created by myself, I would have fall guys along the way if anyone found the Holy Grail.  Yet if this gang thought it was going to be exposed why didn’t they move it I thought?  The power of the black magicK spell seemed to exist.  Even if this gang moved it I knew the skulls were too many for this gang to hide.  The skulls and crossbones of the missing persons on the ground.
The book was a key within the mythology of the black magicK spell I could see, the book was a reference in the dictionary of XXX.  XXX means, x is a letter and a roman numeral for 10. X is the first unknown quantity, incalculable influence or factor. X= fox within the Consonants for the sounds.  Crossbones, two arm or thigh bones crossed.  Skull and Crossbones I called this gang for a reason.  The smell within the brothel was a mix of death, myrrh and Frankincense.  The Police were further investigation.
The holder of the Great Cow, has a Holy grail of a dish and spoon with a cabbage for the sequence of patterns they utilized to begin this gang.  The Great Cow back in the 1860’s was the holder I felt of the Holy Grail?  It was one of the connections I could see.
I told this mob, the Master face to face I was a witch for good.  A white witch and this gang kept coming after me with the spirits protecting me and only allowing the links to be exposed for the invisible strings to be removed.
Madonna was the name of the brothel back between 2003 and 2009 when it was closed by the Police, the meaning of Madonna is a picture or statue of the Virgin Mary. 
We had John Ibrahim making the news for the Macraw going missing, the link to meaning kinds of parrots. 
Madame, title prefixed like Mrs to foreign lady’s name.  I was described by the Solicitor representing the Master as short and a weird little lady came up to me.  I was just looking for my money.  The strike force will be seeing and holding him with the spirits.  Somehow the Almighty Judge needed the Master to know he was a hunted man.  Mme was the short form for Madame by the dictionary I was just working with left behind from my Aunt Bell I thought was a sign for the answers. 
We had the connection with soft tissue tumors where I felt the medicine to clear the Pineal gland would help.  Lymph meaning, pure water, colourless fluid from organs of the body, matter from cow pox vesicles used in vaccination.  It had to be a link to the SV virus and the spread of cancer through the mutation of the DNA of the human body.  I know exposing the Holy Grail will expose some of the research and system where this gang have manipulated the world for the dollars they were holding.
Bella was the name of the brothel after Madonna, Belladonna meaning in the dictionary is deadly nightshade, drug got from this.
Moloch as the dictionary explained was Cannaanite idol to which children were sacrificed, the thorn-lizard or thorn-devil, a hideous Australian reptile.
Now if we look at the relationship of G which sound before, e, I or y equals J.  J for the Lodge J was this the connection for the Grand Master of Ceremonies who had the power to collect the relics within the world sometime in the past.
J stood for the short form of Judge from the Dictionary. 
IHS within the Dictionary stood for Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
A witch, woman using magic, old hag, witchcraft us of magic, power exercised by beauty or eloquence of the like.
Wizard, a person of extraordinary powers, genius, magician, conjurer.  We were pulling the strings to expose this gang with the help of the spirit world surrounding us for protection.
When the Bible is never helping then the Dictionary will have the answers.  It’s the language, as my Aunty Valma read the dictionary to learn more about the English language. I was needing to collect the evidence to expose this gang on the ground.
Crook meaning within the Dictionary hooked staff, esp of Shepherd or Bishop was this the connection with the terminology in utilizing the word Bishop for the secret society of the elite within the masterminds. 
Pink for the meaning in the dictionary is to run through with sword, ornament with perforations.  Sword where it was a sword within the legend of the Philospher’s stone I thought as I thought of the tattoo’s I had seen around Kings Cross and now for the hidden meanings.  It was art, yet it was the symbols which were visible as we were pulling on the strings to unravel this gang further. 
King meaning in the dictionary was sovereign ruler of independent state, piece in chess, card with king on it.  Yes the chessboard was a link and the games played one on top of another this gang was working on all to keep hidden the real King of the drug network.
The money was involved, as the dearest product in the world I felt for the holder of the money was the drug network.  It was worth more than gold an ounce when we saw the plastic packets on the street day after day.
A walk around the streets would see the needle bins, the syringes on the streets and the spoons where the mix was worked with all donated by the state government for a product that was illegal and holding the currency within a land within the hands of the criminals dealing the points, dealing the drugs and the people above all playing the chess game of slaughter I thought.
Juanita I knew was working to protect me, I had to keep on the job to push hard on the system for it to crack.  I was pushing with so many of the missing persons who had come to gather for the justificiation.  We were catching the big boys, we had to keep strong and keep going.  It was the momentum that would push me to work out the real power hidden behind what I saw in Kings Cross.
X =ch in the Scottish pronounciation of Loch for the Lochness Monster I thought of Aleister Crowley trying to evoke the spirits on the foreshore where the Lochness Monster was suppose to live.
Bishop meant governor of diocese, piece in chess, mulled and spiced wine, office of bishop?  Mmmm was I getting close to the full understanding.
Genie for the lamp?  Sprite or goblin of Arabian tales, then we had gene or gen?  General, Genesis, general, genitive?  Gene is the DNA of the human body.
XXX, the connection with the hidden power within the three points like the Order A:.A:. of the points I thought?  XXX relates to 32 mo, book with 32 leaves in the sheet.  I thought was this the Book hidden within the cryptic puzzle.  It had a meaning of book the book was missing in Exhibit G under Judge A Garling.  I knew the Police would be watching as we needed to find the money.  The money was what I was looking for to save my skin and run for the hills.  Well, the spirits are working to expose the hidden crypt.  It’s not easy raising the souls and I wasn’t running.  I was working on raising the souls like I told them I would be back to help all those months and years ago.
Master is up for ongoing supply of drugs, it was two years time in prison for this charge it was nearly the time spent.  It was going to catch the big boys and I could see the spirits today were holding the Master behind bars.
The sky was coming for the Grand Cardinal cross in the sky, and the birth of a baby boy within the bloodline family.  It’s nature’s law we were working on to expose the situation to the world.  I needed the help and the spirits were all willing.  I just needed the big boys, it was the brothel vault that will hold some information.  Then those that terrorized me the police will charge and lock up.  We have the thugs being sent and going back to the boss they said to me allegedly John Ibrahim and Frank Amante.
I was working with what I saw, now I was working with the roadmaps, the Bible, the Dictionary, and the puzzle will get exposed further with the research.  Many of the books were hidden within the crimes I thought as these were the diaries of the secret society.
When I told Alex the vision I could see was huge, it was solid yet their was a gap and we were walking through the gap as the wall is coming down upon this gang as the spirits work on the mythology and the big boys for the evidence to be collected.
The astrology lines for the Grand Cardinal cross will appear within the crimes to be exposed that this gang was working on all the time for the drug network to be feed by the blood of murder to feed the Beast within the black MagicK.
MagicK with a G is for the God of the universe the man made magic.  When we have majick with a J we have the Almighty Judge in the sky who is directing the scorpions on land to expose this gang further.
Kings Cross was just one front, a major piece of the criminal warfare movements of the chess board, then we have Kings Cross Australia playing with America Texas for the movement of around the world.  I just was trying to see the evidence like Florida was a key, Kings Cross was a key.  I could see Spring Hill as a key in America for the alleged Nigeria scam I saw first hand.  I was working on the evidence giving the Police the pieces of the puzzle yet within my disjointed evidence of one attack after another the police probably haven’t seen this happen to another person as the Holy Grail is not found every day of the week.
This was the quest, Alex, Mr Satan and myself the Wild Madame X was working for the pull on the universe to expose this gang further.

Vous ne trouvez pas le Saint-Graal, c-est le Saint-Graal qui vous trouve.
Translated, You do not find the grail, the Grail finds you.

Just a Police search warrant will expose the hidden links
to allegedly ISIS
International Secret Intelligence Services........

As Alex said if you can buy Heroin on Darlinghurst Road then we have a problem within the Police. 

Till we expose this gang, we will all keep going and writing The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation.

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