Thursday, 29 May 2014

Prescott Bush? George Bush?

I believe I've identified another photo of the "Bush" figure, in sequence with another already posted. Just the top of his head, but he appears to be conferring with two men, one of whom looks like a newsman. Anybody know who either of the other two guys are?
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  • Jennifer Stone What a find, within between the photos we have the policeman could be the same, the position of the man known as Bush is different. Fantastic evidence.
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  • Steve Barber The guy standing with back to the lattice work is who people think is Bush, is that correct? IF so, they are their rocker. He looks NOTHING like George W. Bush.
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  • Chris Simondet I think it's supposed to be H.W. - but I wouldn't be surprised if someone said it was Jr.
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  • Steve Barber Woops, H.W. was who I meant. Thanks.
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  • Mark Anthony Wright I agree Steve we are trying to make something out of these pictures that is not there.
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  • Chris Simondet Right - it's clearly not him - but if we figure out who the guys he's conferring with are, we might be able to attach the guy's real name to the photos.
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  • Steve Roe Nice work Chris on the photos. And have you seen the other nonsensical George Jr wandering around Dealey looking for his dad photo?
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  • Chris Simondet I hadn't til you mentioned it - now that I see it, there seem to be two Bushes
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  • Steve Roe Yep, they were plotting the 9/11 towers back then in 1963.
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  • Jennifer Stone In the design of the building, the steel with the Thermalite painted on was allegedly necessary for the heat factor to come for the explosion or implosion of the 9/11 buildings
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  • Steve Roe Jennifer, the TSBD was their first testing ground. Bush Sr took Bush Jr on the op to get him exposed for a little experience in his big op with Thermolite and with help from Larry Silverstein. .....I know Ed....
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  • Chris Simondet speaking of - Peter got rid of Dorf 
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  • Steve Roe I see, he likes to play games when backed into a corner with no answers.
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  • Chris Simondet he's not alone in that one - at least John K has that going for him, when he's backed into a corner with no answers he just fabricates new ones
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