Monday, 20 April 2015

2nd Tier of Banks in Australia reported to answer questions before the Senate Committee

It's not just Australia's BIG Four Banks that have some serious questions to answer before the Senate Committee, there are many questions to be answered by Australia's 2nd Tear Banks regarding matters similar to this..!!
Many cases of Disabled and Elderly Customer Financial Exploitation and Abuse by the Banks have been flooding into the Senate Committee, with them about to get a voice before the Senate Committee in the coming weeks and months, their Families are all wanting one thing "Justice" ... !!
With information now supplied to the Committee by Elder, Disabled and Dementia Groups, as to the ruthless tactics used to exploit even the most Vulnerable within our society, the Committee may have no choice but to expand its investigation into Trust and Nominee Companies like Perpetual Trustees as well... !!
The pattern is always the same and it would appear that every time they protect their "Star Performers" at any cost, these people are Criminal Sociopaths from...
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