Tuesday, 14 April 2015

At 11.00 on this You tube it claims The Outlaws were the first ever MC. MC became known as the short form for Scorpion

At 11:00 this vid claims that "The Outlaws" were the first ever MC.... Is that true? I always thought it was the "HA". 
+Mal big The Outlaws started in the late 30's, the HA started after WW2.

Within the history I found Francis or Frank everywhere within the links as the crimes were bringing the history alive.

FTW stands for Franks Tin Works. It is an expression that dates back to colonial days. Franks tin works was the company that secretly produced the musket balls that were used in the beginning of the American revolution. FTW has become a symbolic icon that represents the resistance to oppressive authority. All other definitions of FTW are guess work on behalf of people who don't know what it really means.


Interesting I had the research linking to San Antonio to 1948 within The Kings Cross Sting

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