Sunday, 19 April 2015

Roger Rogerson co-incidence to Police Prosecutor?

The Book of Law Aleister Crowley wrote.  It was for a Church, sometimes a Church is also known as a Trust.

Margaret Cunneen and her supporters are in crisis mode at the moment and trying to lie their way out of the problem but are only digging a bigger hole for themselves. They thought they had a win in the High Court against ICAC on Wednesday and that would be the end of it. (Click here to read moreThat came unstuck Thursday (16/4/15) morning when it was revealed by the SMH that the ICAC investigation into Cunneen was sparked by “Intercepted phone calls by a multi-agency taskforce investigating organised crime”. They were investigating Cunneen’s friend Stephen Fletcher and some of the calls must have mentioned Cunneen. (Click here to read more)
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Statement - Royal Commission into Institutional Child ...
My full name is Margaret Mary Cunneen. ... holding a statutory appointment as DeputySenior Crown Prosecutor in New South ... I was appointed Senior Counsel (SC) on 4 October 2007. .... In the event the defendant was committed ... Delegation authorising me to find Bills of Indictment, and sign Indictments, on his behalf.

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