Thursday, 30 April 2015

Calls for the Police to Expose the hidden control of the underworld

  •  I have asked the Police NSW and Federally to expose the epi centre of the drug network since 2011 and this hidden strong hold is highly protected. The police have left the alleged feeding part of the underworld alone. This needs exposing.

  • When you study the drug network like I have, breaking down the system

  • at each layer I have seen and wondered about Juanita Nielsen caught in the building's subfloor compartment?  Last night, I had a visit by a man who said keep going for the Police search warrant.
  • He was hoping that I was still working on the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen.
  • Rumours are happening, this gang know they will fall apart when the brothel is searched, the brothel in Kings Cross where this control I allege feeds the drugs to Australia.
  • By the research in 2009 we had the epi centre of the drug network for a Museum for King of the X.
  • Yet when we went into the premises the threats for  protection money, the que for the heroin was intense the  word was out that the brothel again would be open for business a business where the Police had not been able to bring it down.
  • Research, history, the thugs that came in 2 were Muslim in control others were Australian changed to Muslim beliefs for the drug network.
  • O'Muhammad, the belief where the collecting of skulls is what they build the wall of silence upon.
  • When you realise these thugs have nothing, the drugs are handed to them?  The only way out of the gang is being killed when they start and the game of rat eat rat begins, but it is this mythology of how by disecting  the drug network in Kings Cross exposed the hidden powers and people that came forward to protect a premises where the subfloor  compartment being exposed would destroy the drug network forever.
  • We have asked for the Police to search the subfloor compartment, yet what has happened they have played the game of the gang, the game of slaughter rather than hitting the heart of the operation, the subfloor compartment of the brothel.
  • I have been told, the police don't listen to woman, well they didn't listen to Juanita Nielsen she is dead, yet where her skull remains will expose I am sure and others are sure that it is worthy to search and have wondered why the Police have taken this long to pull down a network where within all systems there is a loose link, the brothel in Kings Cross is this loose link.
  • Please search 6/34-36a Darlinghurst ROad, Kings Cross subfloor to expose the wall of silence of how it is created by murders and the collecting of evidence of the crimes held by allegedly  the drug Cartels that feed Australian gangs in all  states.
  • I had Peter Schaffer terrorising me but he would ring Scott Orrock 

  • and jump for Felix Lyle again for the position of the brothel.  Felix Lyle is known as the National President of Hells Angels and was the person Quentin Vertigan rang to take over the property in Kings Cross.
  • Hells Angels boss Scott Orrock charged with kidnapping ...
    Mar 4, 2015 - Scott Orrock, 49, who police believe was the head of the bikie club, is accused of helping kidnap a 23-year-old man from Gorokan last month ...
    Missing: degloving
  • Alleged bikie trio face court over violent kidnapping

    Mar 6, 2015 - ... in which he suffered degloving of the skin from one of his fingers. ...Hells Angels national sergeant-at-arms Scott Orrock, 49, was arrested on  ...

  • I had the highest Bandido in Australia protecting the brothel his name Tom Dominican.

    A senior member of the Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang and numerous associates have been arrested following a Gangs Squad operation on the Central Coast and Hawkesbury.
    In January of this year (2015), the Gangs Squad formed Strike Force Badminton to investigate the activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs on the Central Coast.
    As part of their inquiries, officers investigated the circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping of a man, by a number of people, from an apartment at The Entrance shortly before 6am on Monday 6 April 2015.
    The man, a 33-year-old, was able to escape the group shortly after they removed him from the apartment block, and police were later notified.
    Following their inquiries, Gangs Squad officers today executed search warrants at one property in Fountain Dale and two in North Richmond.
    At the Fountain Dale property, officers located and seized:
    - Approximately 750 grams of amphetamine powder;
    - A machine allegedly used for capping drug capsules;
    - 5000 empty drug capsules;
    - 20 grams of methylamphetamine (‘Ice’);
    - 20 grams of cannabis;
    - A replica pistol;
    - Shotgun ammunition; and,
    - Numerous other prohibited weapons and items associated with the manufacture of illicit drugs.
    At the properties in North Richmond, police located 78 LSD tabs, small quantities of methylamphetamine (‘Ice’), knuckle dusters, a rifle and a replica pistol.
    At the Fountain Dale property, police arrested a 34-year-old man – the Central Coast Chapter President of the Bandidos – and a 34-year-old woman.
    A 27-year-old man was arrested nearby a short time later, while a 41-year-old man was arrested at one of the North Richmond properties.
    All three men have been charged in relation to the kidnapping, with the 34-year-old Fountain Dale man also being charged with commercial drug supply and domestic violence offences.
    Each of the men was refused bail, with the 34-year-old and the 27-year-old due to appear before Wyong Local Court today (Friday 1 May 2015).
    The 41-year-old man is scheduled to appear before Penrith Local Court today.
    The 34-year-old woman was charged with drug possession and will be issued with a field court attendance notice in the coming weeks.
    Police also plan to charge a 21-year-old man for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping when he appears in Gosford Court on separate matters next Wednesday (6 May 2015).
    AUSTRALIAN taxpayers have forked out $55 million in foreign aid to prop up the Indonesian justice system which has just killed two of our citizens.
    Outraged Australians are calling on the government to slash foreign aid to Indonesia in the wake of the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.
    Yesterday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop did not rule out the prospect of reducing Australia’s $600 million annual foreign aid budget to Indonesia. Australia is the second largest donor behind Japan.
    Asked if Australia would respond to the executions by reducing the aid budget, Ms Bishop said any announcement would be made at budget time in early May.
    In 2013/14, Australia sent $581 million to Indonesia. The 2014/15 budget estimate puts that figure at $605.3 million.
    The money is spent on a wide range of programs, including economic and democratic governance, education, health, infrastructure, social development, rural development, and disaster risk reduction.
    But in a cruel irony, between 2011 and 2015 Australia spent $55 million on a program to support Indonesia’s justice system.
    The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice “works with key Indonesian justice institutions and civil society partners to increase access to justice for marginalised groups ... and to combat corruption”.
    “With Australian support, Indonesian courts are taking less time to deliver judgments and are making written reasons for their decisions available for free to the public online,” DFAT says.
    “Australia has also helped Indonesia establish its first national legal aid system, under which poor individuals are accessing free legal advice and representation to help them resolve a range of criminal and civil disputes.” In that same period, Australia also spent $22.8 million on an electoral support program, aimed at “[enhancing] the quality of Indonesia’s elections by helping Indonesian organisations improve the management of elections, and increasing public engagement in electoral processes”.
    President Joko Widodo, who came to power last year after defeating retired Lt. Gen. Prabowo Subianto in the July presidential election, outraged Australia with his hard line stance on drug offenders on death row, refusing to grant clemency despite repeated pleas.
    Any cut to Indonesian aid is likely to have strong political support in Australia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is understood to have received more than 1000 communications from members of the public calling for aid to be reduced.
    Some Australian aid agencies who receive money from DFAT expect Indonesia and African countries to be targeted in upcoming cuts.
    Earlier this week, independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie said Australia should shift its foreign aid budget from Indonesia to disaster-hit Nepal.
    She also urged Australians to boycott any plans they had to holiday in Bali. The Boycott Bali movement has attracted widespread support, with a Facebook page attracting more than 13,000 likes.
    Greens leader Christine Milne has condemned the executions, but stopped short of backing a withdrawal of foreign aid. “Foreign aid is to help people in addressing poverty, in addressing disaster and I don’t believe that the foreign aid budget should be redirected,” she told AAP.

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