Sunday, 19 April 2015

Robert Trimbole links to Pope? Michael? Bill Bayeh?

Robert Trimbole (19 March 1931 – 12 May 1987) was an Australian businessman, drug baron and organised crime boss whose alleged involvement in the disappearance of anti-marijuana campaigner Donald Mackay and involvement in drug trafficking in the Griffith, New South Wales area

Evan Whitton - Amazing Scenes: Trimbole in Dublin
THE MAN some call Michael Pius Hanbury, and others Robert Trimbole, 53, is small, with a pot belly, a thick black moustache in the Rodney Marsh style, and  ..

This gang I expose they use the positions of St Michael and Pope as they become the positions of the legend of the Holy Graal.

Pius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The name Pius /ˈpaɪəs/, Latin for "pious", may refer to any one of the following: ... 1 Emperors; 2 Popes; 3 Other people named Pius;

Michael was another name used by Bill Bayeh aka Bill Michael for the position allegedly St Michael for the angel on the ground.

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