Monday, 20 April 2015

JFK assassination shooter from the grassy knoll

ark complexion shot that hit Kennedy in head from behind the fence on the grassy knoll.”
“Alice & Arthur were sitting the red drink that was spill was for her they first thought it was blood they arrested & put under protective custody right away & were not to speak of what they saw . She was in Dallas Nov 22 2014 anniversary she does not talk about assassination. Arthur pass a way”
Additionally, Leo informed me that the brother and sister, Alice and Arthur King were African American’s; they were apparently the two, on the bench, at the end of the low retaining wall, to the right of the top of the stairs, on the grassy knoll. Leo Kerner informed me that Alice King saw the Badgeman first the first shot, then she and Arthur hit the ground and from there she witnessed a heavy set man, with a dark complexion, shoot JFK in the head from behind the picket fence. So, here we have a witness to both the upper and lower picket fence hit-teams in action; and Alice King says she saw them both shoot President Kennedy. There we have it. From Leo Kerner,
“Close witness Ed Hoffman, Lee Bowers, Abraham Zapruder & secretary Marilyn Sitzman, William & Gayle Newman, Emmett Hudson, Gordon Arnold, Jean Hill, Beverly Oliver, Bobby Hargis and others all same same thing – shot from fence.”
“Abraham Zapruder & secretary and Emmett Hudson in their testimony said they saw black couple.”
“Testimony put away by Lyndon Johnson until 2039 – Alice and Arthur King used more than one name to hide their identity. They were the best witness of the assassination, that’s why they were told to disappear; they did and Arthur died 5 years after the assassination.”
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