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Missing Kerry Whelan

  1. Bruce Burrell boasted he could hide a body | The Australian
    Nov 21, 2008 - Missing persons data showed that between 1995 and 1997 - the years the ... After a short conversation with Kerry Whelan, where it was alleged  ...
  2. NSW Cases: Bruce Allan Burrell v R [2007] NSWCCA 65 16 ...
    Mar 16, 2007 - ... in the State of New South Wales he did detain Kerry Patricia Whelan..... would receive it before it was realised that Mrs Whelan was missing.
  3. Bruce Burrell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Kerry Whelan was a 39 year old mother of three last seen getting into a Pajero four-wheel-drive with Burrell at the Parkroyal Hotel in Parramatta during May  ...
  4. R v Burrell - Kerry Whelan - LIAC Crime Library - Research ... › Research guides
    by A Curr - ‎2011
    Sydney mother, 39 year-old Kerry Whelan went missing from a Parramatta car park in 1997. Although her body has never been found, Bruce Burrell has been  ...
    1. Fresh gun link to Whelan case - Sydney Morning Herald
      Aug 7, 2011 - ... the disappearance in 1997 of Kerry Whelan has surfaced at the former home of a relative of the man convicted of her murder, Bruce Burrell.
    2. Bruce Burrell loses Kerry Whelan murder appeal - The Daily ...
      May 28, 2010 - DOUBLE murderer Bruce Burrell has lost a last ditch attempt to appeal his conviction for the kidnap and murder of Sydney woman Kerry ...
    3. Bruce Burrell case timeline |
      Sep 18, 2007 - May 1997 - Kerry Whelan, the wife of Burrell's former boss, multi-millionaire Bernie Whelan, goes missing in Parramatta. Police question Burrell .
    4.  When the money is ready you are to put an advertisement in the public notice section of the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper saying:
      ‘Anyone who witnessed a white Volkswagon beetle parked beside the eastern gates of the Sydney Olympic site at 10.30 pm on Tuesday 8.4.97 please call …. then put your home telephone number at the end of the advertisement.
    5. They need the mythology of the higher people wthin the gang to see, the VW if you turn upside down it would like 3 humps.
    7. The evidence of Mr and Mrs Williams

      Mr and Mrs Williams were responsible for the care of the Whelan holiday house in Port Macquarie. They gave evidence that they had thoroughly cleaned the home, particularly the bathrooms, after the Whelans had last visited and before Mrs Whelan’s disappearance on 6 May 1997. They said when they returned to the house on 24 May 1997 they found a hair on a cake of soap, make-up on a bathroom floor, what appeared to be brown discolouration-like faeces in a toilet and, contrary to its usual condition, excess water in the shower recess. Subsequent forensic tests demonstrated that the hair on the cake of soap was that of Mrs Whelan.
    8. Links have come about the area Port Macquarie now.
    9. It was submitted that they were ambiguous and that “has been K”   K for Knight? This gang think they are Knights of the round table idea.
    10. his Honour continued:
      “It is for you to decide whether the police investigation stopped short of a proper investigation, whether you think the police closed their minds too early.
      If you do conclude that the police made up their minds too soon, how should you – how can you use your conclusions?
      Well it might lend weight, if you think it has any – if you come to that view then you give it weight and you ask yourselves whether it lends weight to the defence submissions I have already reminded you about, about whether the police gave this case a help along.”
    11. For the Judge to think by this that the police investigation stopped short?
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      Stephen A. Rothschild, David W. Wicklund, Shumaker, Loop ... It added that suchinsurance shall name Crown Credit as an additional insured, and also shall  
    16. A place to hide  body?

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