Sunday, 26 April 2015

Political donations to Liberal Party =Puppet Strings

Political donations to Liberal Party 2012/13
* Paul Ramsay Holdings ($550,000) - Medical Company
* Washinton H Soul Pattinson ($250,000) - Australian Pharmaceu
tical Industries Ltd 
* Sonic Healthcare ($200,000) - Lab medicine, Clinical Trials
* Australian Pharmaceutical Industries ($100,000) - Need I say more?

These are just four I found in the first two pages (of seven pages) of political donations to the Libs in that time. Imagine the pressure they're on from the other side of the fence where the loot lies?

To legalise the Cannabis, Heroin and  Cocaine for medicine as it was in 1860 till Prohibition when Cancer was not the major problem in society?

I forgot to legalise the illegal drugs the Underworld DIES.

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