Thursday, 21 August 2014

Centennial Park murders and close proximity to Diamond Horseshoe Theatre

1986 Sallie Ann Huckstepp ...  Sallie Ann Huckstepp was found in a pond.  However she was meeting her alleged drug dealer as the story goes.  A new guy, however by working girls they don't normally trust a new drug dealer so why go to the park?  What if you knew the gang went to the back way of the Club?  The Diamond Horseshoe Theatre by the front doors never opens however what happens around the back?

Strike Force from Kings Cross Police please note.
The killer of Anthony Cawsey, who was stabbed to death in Centennial Park in September 2009, remains on the loose – as does the murderer of Matthew Leveson, who was last seen alive at Arq nightclub, Darlinghurst in September 2007.

20 December 1932 Sydney Park Murders. 

In the Herald: December 19, 1932 - The Age › Comment
Dec 18, 2013 - A similar recommendation would be made in the respect of the murdersof Hilda White, in Centennial Park, and May Miller, in Queens's Park,  

80 Gay men murdered.  It was interesting that the person before me in Bella's brought up about the unsolved Gay murders.

Opposite, we have a link in time to Sammy Lee, to Diamond Horseshoe Theatre.

lucid dream of walking thru the old Horseshoe Theatre Oxford st. Woollahra ...looking at the old programs in the dusty loft dated from 1967 - 1977 ....amazing treasure chest ....someone was lighting fires that i was struggling to put out ...woman in amazing ballgowns were strolling past ....i'm wondering if it still exists?
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  • Stuart Spence Still there, still mysteriously shut, boarded up. No sucker's getting there, she tells us, don't even think about it,...gosh ghosts are snooty aren't they? Must be an eastern suburbs thing. x

82 Oxford street Woollahra,151.235025,3a,75y,11.7h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sJiWgfiiCc81B4PrLxLg4og!2e0

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