Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation Significant evidence exposed

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Follow the link and explore the photo's and images with the neon signs that expose the hidden drug culture in Kings Cross and probably across the world.

Look at the Police station, Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo, Day Street all fitted this system with the drug network on the blind side of the police station with alleged safe house.

Gazebo is where the sex worker Kate from Stripperama went for the G when Kings Cross was dry one night.

Look at the movements of the security guards where they stand.  When a Police raid comes the security guards are different.  Who tells them?  We expose the system from the roots up with history as we join forces with the spirits who wear no halo and pushed on Kings Cross over the Kellet Way Riot by the Darlinghurst Push.....

Big Jim Devine was Madame Tilly Devine's husband, yet when they did the Kellet Way riot in August 1929 he controlled Kings Cross after this what happened?

The Tattoo's for James Devine are important to study, the Horse with a horseshoe for luck.  Yet we have learnt Luck is Learning, Understanding Confidence and Knowledge.

We have Juanita Nielsen going missing 4 July 1975 and Madame Tilly Devine had the premises 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road, she was a number 9 person and it was known back in the day as 36A.  A was the Rule of A they were utilising.  Their was no need for an A on these premises yet the A was added.

The working girls said the drugs came from the back streets.  We expose as we walk around the area the buildings intertwined to link yet today for some are shut like the World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers underseige.

Moloch worshipping, black magicK for Aleister Crowley is alive around the Kings Cross and Darlinghurst area as we expose the murders the patterns and see the body parts to expose the meanings of the vessel, the girl in the glass where if they are exposed the glass will shatter.

When you watch the Snake you miss the Scorpion.  This is the link where the police are watching the snake in the relationship of the drug network and never the scorpion.  Watch the scorpion around Kings Cross and you expose another world.  A world of Prostitutes, crooked cops who protect the Kellet Way area and the King of the white asian shops as he called himself Quentin Vertigan with his Hydroponic farm in Toowong?

I wonder what is he growing at Crown Farms Pty Ltd...Crown?  Crown for the King?

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