Saturday, 23 August 2014

JFK Presidential limo came to a full stop 33 witnesses

Richard Charnin  reports The mathematical proof of Zapruder film alteration is based on an article by Vince Palamara: 59 Witnesses: Delay on Elm Street.

In addition, I have also included a summary and link to a groundbreaking article by Doug Horne which exposes the chain of custody and alterations to the film. Finally, there are links to videos of three experts who demonstrate their analysis which shows that the film was altered.

The Math Proof
Palamara shows that 33 (56%) of 59 eyewitnesses said the JFK presidential limo came to a FULL STOP, 13 said NEAR STOP and 13 had no opinion. The data was copied to the JFKCalc spreadsheet.

The Zapruder film does NOT show a FULL OR NEAR STOP.

Palamara’s article clearly indicates that 33 witnesses stated the Limo STOPPED (18), came to a STOP (9), or HALTED MOMENTARILY (6). View the spreadsheet.

What is the probability that ALL 33 witnesses who said the limo came to a FULL stop were mistaken? Let’s assume that P= 0.56 is the probability that the witness is correct based on the observed descriptive statistics. Then P= 1-.56 = 0.44 is the probability that the witness was mistaken.

The probability that ALL 33 witnesses would be mistaken is P= 0.44^33 = 0.000000000001714 or 1 in 583,527,967,610. That’s 1 in 583 BILLION!

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