Thursday, 7 August 2014

Government sponsoring drug network Kings Cross hideouts?

66 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross we have the Government sponsored
This is Government sponsored Injecting Rooms which came about to clean the streets of Sydney with needles.  However it is the only one in the State where the drugs along Darlinghurst Road when you talk to the Drug Dealers like I have is inexcess of $1million a week as this gang allegedly utilise the working girls as the pawn's in the game for the onselling of supply.

Astoria Hotel Darlinghurst Road named in the Supreme Court as a disorderly house in 2009.  However this was where I found many of the drug dealers found safety by inhouse supplying to other inmates.
I had Roger Hegarty who threatened my life explained to me he didn't enter the front door he would go up the fire escape to the rooms he serviced moving as he bragged about $80000 profit in a 3 week turn around.

Astoria Hotel has been having the rooms paid for under the Government Funding for Homeless people however this was where the Sex worker who had a house at Silverdale worked from and how does this happen?

We have the other couple of Hotel's I probably will mention.  Lido Hotel as this was busted a couple of times for the drug dealing as one Sex worker with a guy will sit in a room and the others will go in the front door and exit via the fire escape with some of the drug buyers being taken upstairs by Prostitutes working the area.  Lido Hotel Roslyn Street.  Is this sponsored by the Government?  Their is always a few working girls within these premises.

Budget Hotel, Darlinghurst Road which adjoins ShowGirls.  Yes the working girls go in and out of here.

The guys who have the mobiles flickering within the hands, down on the roof top of the Government funded Vocational Centre's for the Homeless.

As what I saw the working girls were banking the funds they earnt into their children's names.

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