Saturday, 16 August 2014

Is it Lee Harvey Oswald on the steps of TSDB in Dallas for JFK?

Richard Charin reports.
Oswald, Shelley, Lovelady, Frazier, Molina, Williams: Where were they standing?
The following testimony indicates that Oswald, Shelley and Frazier were standing on the TOP level (first floor) of the TSBD. Lovelady, Williams and Molina were standing on the STEPS below. Was Williams standing between Lovelady and Molina?
1- Oswald told Fritz he was “out with Bill Shelley in front”.
2- William Shelley testified that he was standing on the TOP LEVEL of the entrance to the TSBD.
3- Billy Lovelady testified that he was standing on the STEPS of the TSBD in FRONT of Bill Shelley. Lovelady was asked to point a BLACK ARROW to himself by placing it in a DARK area. He placed the arrow pointing to the figure in FRONT whose face was OBSCURED in Altgens6.
4- Buelle Frazier testified that Lovelady was standing two or three steps BELOW him. But he contradicted himself when asked to place an arrow pointing to Lovelady. The figure he pointed to (Doorman) was standing on the TOP level (on the 1st floor).
5- Joe Molina said he was on the uppermost step.
6- Otis Williams said that he was standing on the TOP STEP against the railing on the east side of the steps in front of the building. He did NOT recall who was standing on either side of him.
Warren Commission Hearings, vol.22, p.683, 19 March 1964)

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