Thursday, 21 August 2014

Where do the Bones Remain

Juanita Nielsen went missing in 1975
Kings Cross Police Station opened in 1977.
Donald Mackay went missing feared murdered 1977
Rosaleen Norton came under Police notice in October 1955 when we only had 9 missing persons within Australia.
Rosaleen Norton died in 1979 in St Vincent's Hospital however her plaque is on Darlinghurst Road for the Witch of Kings Cross and where her body will be found within her Witches Coven.
Beaumont Children 26 January 1966
Azaria Chamberlain 17 August 1980 Azaria means Rose.

Where do the bones remain?

Maurice Bernard Houghton
Kerry Packer

Where do the bones remain?

Prime Minister Harold Holt
President John F. Kennedy

Where do the bones remain?

Christopher Flannery
Tony Jones
Where do the bones remain?

There will be more.....

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