Sunday, 24 August 2014

Police officer Colin Winchester unsolved murder links to Donald Mackay Unsolved murder

Seville 1981-83

In a bizarre and possibly unlawful episode, Australian Federal Police (AFP) and NSW police sanctioned a cannabis plantation at Bungendore, NSW, in 1981. The aim of AFP Superintendent Colin Winchester was apparently to get information on senior 'Ndranghetisti and on the still-unsolved Mackay murder. In March 1982, Gianfranco Tizzoni and Antonio (Tony) Barbaro (b. Plati, Calabria, 25.3.44) took 97 kilograms of marijuana from the Bungendore crop to Melbourne. Winchester advised the Victorian Drug Squad's Sergeant John Weel, and he arrested them. By 1983 every man and his dog seemed to be 'ripping-off' (stealing) the cannabis and Seville was cancelled. In Operation Songbird, later Trio, Tizzoni gradually gave Victorian police details of the murders of Mackay and the Wilsons.

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