Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Circus Restaurant?

Rod MacKenzie (DISC asset) overturned his vehicle, in Pima County Arizona, and was busted by the Feds for his illegal I.D. factory. It was fixed so there was no record of the arrest, the I.D. Factory confiscated. MacKenzie was turned over to Ervle Le Barron, a member of a polygamist sect and friend of Johnny Roselli (CIA), whose wife Bethel drove MacKenzie (DISC) to Houston to meet Dave Ferrie (CIA) and Charles Frederick Rogers (ONI, CIA, DISC).
Dave Ferrie drove Mackenzie and Rogers from Houston to Dallas and MacKenzie was given a room at the Dallas Cabana Motel and an Aloha style shirt (with a banana leaf pattern) and told to meet a guy, who would be wearing a matching shirt, in the Egyptian Lounge Bar. At the bar, Mackenzie’s connection (in the matching shirt) turned out to be Malcolm Wallace (DISC, ONI, Texas Ranger and close friend of Ed Clark; Lyndon Johnson’s lawyer).
Malcolm Wallace (DISC, ONI and Texas Ranger) then introduced Rod MacKenzie (DISC) to Jake Miranda (DISC) who was to be MacKenzie’s DISC handler in Dallas and was owner of the Circus Restaurant, across from Fair Park. Miranda gave MacKenzie his card and told him to be at the Circus Restaurant every two days for briefings.
Jake Miranda then took MacKenzie and Wallace to the Carousel Club where MacKenzie was introduced to the owner Jack Ruby (mob) and Dallas Policeman Jefferson Davis Tippit. MacKenzie was then told that Tippit was going to take him to a SAFEHOUSE he was going to manage on Holland Ave. After spending that night at the Cabana Motel, Tippit, driving his police car, picked up MacKenzie in the a.m. and drove him to the SAFEHOUSE on Holland Ave., a couple of buildings down from Oak St.; there was a house out front and the garage converted into an apartment. There were several other small rooms and a shower/bathroom for the clients and a phone already in Mackenzie’s name. J.D. Tippit gave MacKenzie the keys to a 1950 Ford coup parked in the driveway, with fake plates and registration (Alabama), also in MacKenzie’s name. The Holland Ave. SAFEHOUSE was within walking distance of Rod Mackenzie’s DISC handler, Jake Mirada’s Circus Restaurant.
MacKenzie went shooting occasionally with Tippit, Wallace and other cops at the creek over in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas.
November 16, 1963, one week prior to the assassination, MacKenzie (DISC) was moved out of the Holland Ave. SAFEHOUSE and given a room at the Dallas Cabana Motel, next to the rooms of Ruth Ann Martinez (CIA hit-lady), Frank Sturgis (Op-40, CIA Watergate burglar) and Marita Lorenz (CIA) and Eugenio Martinez (Op-40, CIA Watergate burglar).
During the week prior to the assassination, the TSBD 6th floor hit-team: Mac Wallace, Ruth Ann Martinez, Danny Arce and Loy Factor met at a kitchen table in the Holland Ave. SAFEHOUSE, plotted to kill JFK, and Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald came by occasionally.
The night before the assassination, November 21, 1963, there was a party in the room next door to MacKenzie’s at the Cabana including Frank Sturgis, Ruth Ann Martinez, Marita Lorenz, Eugenio Martinez, Orlando Bosche (Op-40). Mobsters friends of Johnny Roselli, Jim Braden and James James Fratiano, were seen by MacKenzie going in and out of the neighboring rooms down the hall and, according to Marita Lorenz Liberty Lobby Trial testimony, E. Howard Hunt (CIA paymaster) and Jack Ruby came by to visit with Frank Sturgis – who was handed a fistful of cash by E. Howard Hunt. This was all capped off when a black stretch limo pulled up and Richard M. Nixon stepped out, in topcoat, hat and distinctive profile, accompanied by two thugs who stood outside while Nixon met with Frank Sturgis behind closed doors for 30 minutes.
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