Thursday, 28 August 2014

Granville Brothel Robbed

Granville Brothel 7 Cowper Road.
Brothel Robbed

THURSDAY  (28/08/2014)

Jenny  Yuyu  Michelle  Yumi

On the 10 April 2012 same brothel robbed.  Description was similar.

Property Sold 4/9/2007

Cowper Street Hells Angels and Nomads.

The key is the brothel at 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road which will show the pit of death this gang protected.  
This will show how the gangs have utilised the brothels, and how they have controlled by the alleged drug deals.

The many pawns moving drugs are allegedly working girls.  When a Working girl doesn't pay the brothel owner is responsible as I was told by Roger Allan Stewart, if you don't pay we set you up.

The Kings Cross Sting reports.

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